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Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines

1.3K papers36.6K citations

Information Theory Workshop

2.7K papers36K citations

Fast Software Encryption

597 papers35.7K citations

International Computer Music Conference

3.3K papers35.6K citations

IFIP Congress

1.4K papers35.5K citations

IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium

803 papers35.5K citations

Intelligent Data Analysis

2.2K papers35.4K citations

Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting

1.4K papers35.3K citations

Intelligent Information Systems

1.8K papers35.3K citations

Mining Software Repositories

1K papers35.1K citations

European Conference on Parallel Processing

3.2K papers34.5K citations

Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Meeting

9.2K papers34.3K citations

Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

6.5K papers33.9K citations

Research in Computational Molecular Biology

1.2K papers33.8K citations

International Workshop on Security

2K papers33.5K citations

Conference on Automated Deduction

1.1K papers33.4K citations

European Symposium on Programming

888 papers33.4K citations

Conference on Information Sciences and Systems

2.5K papers33.1K citations

Symposium on Computer Animation

540 papers33.1K citations

European Conference on Information Retrieval

1.7K papers33.1K citations

Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference

3.1K papers33K citations

VLSI Test Symposium

1.7K papers32.9K citations

Information Hiding

955 papers32.9K citations

Cluster Computing and the Grid

1.4K papers32.6K citations

Chinese Control and Decision Conference

13.9K papers32.4K citations

Graphics Interface

1K papers32K citations

International Conference on Database Theory

922 papers31.3K citations

Symposium On Fusion Technology

3.3K papers31.2K citations

Multimedia Signal Processing

2.7K papers31.1K citations

Symposium on Cloud Computing

1.4K papers30.5K citations

International Conference on Evolvable Systems

5.4K papers29.9K citations

Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

1.4K papers29.4K citations

Working Conference on Reverse Engineering

788 papers29.4K citations

Annual Simulation Symposium

2.4K papers29.2K citations

International Frequency Control Symposium

4.5K papers29.1K citations

Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

1.9K papers29.1K citations

Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection

567 papers29K citations

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

667 papers29K citations

International Conference on VLSI Design

2.7K papers28.7K citations

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

1.5K papers28.5K citations

Symposium on Geometry Processing

365 papers28.4K citations

Conference on Computers and Accessibility

1.5K papers28.4K citations

Ambient Intelligence

1.9K papers27.6K citations

Graph Drawing

1.5K papers27.5K citations

Applications and Theory of Petri Nets

923 papers27.5K citations

Compiler Construction

1.2K papers26.7K citations

International Conference on Bioinformatics

5.2K papers26.4K citations

Network Operations and Management Symposium

2.1K papers26.3K citations

International Conference on Biometrics

1.2K papers26.2K citations