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European Semantic Web Conference

1.1K papers25.8K citations

Static Analysis Symposium

1.5K papers25.7K citations

Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance

1.3K papers25.5K citations

Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems

1.2K papers25.5K citations

IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization

439 papers25.5K citations

Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems

3.7K papers24.9K citations

Availability, Reliability and Security

2.1K papers24.8K citations

Software Product Lines

960 papers24.8K citations

Reliability and Maintainability Symposium

3.2K papers24.6K citations

Computational Intelligence and Security

4.3K papers24.5K citations

Information Processing in Medical Imaging

683 papers24.3K citations

International Workshop on Quality of Service

1.3K papers24.3K citations

Document Analysis Systems

2.3K papers24.2K citations

Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery

5.3K papers24K citations

Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization

561 papers23.5K citations

Communications and Mobile Computing

3K papers23.4K citations

The Florida AI Research Society

2.6K papers23.4K citations

International Conference on Systems

5.9K papers23.3K citations

Computer-Based Medical Systems

2.8K papers23.2K citations

Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems

736 papers23.2K citations

Advanced Visual Interfaces

1.1K papers23.1K citations

Mobile Data Management

1.4K papers23K citations

Conference on Computational Complexity

1.6K papers23K citations

Computer Science Logic

1.2K papers23K citations

Cross-Language Evaluation Forum

1.4K papers22.8K citations

Interaction Design and Children

1.4K papers22.7K citations

Virtual Reality Software and Technology

1.3K papers22.5K citations

Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

898 papers22.4K citations

Granular Computing

2.3K papers22.3K citations

Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security

436 papers22.3K citations

International Symposium on Intelligent Control

2.3K papers22.3K citations

Integrated Network Management

1.5K papers22.2K citations

Enterprise Distributed Object Computing

1.3K papers21.8K citations

Statistical and Scientific Database Management

1.1K papers21.3K citations

Database Systems for Advanced Applications

2.5K papers21.2K citations

Tangible and Embedded Interaction

1.3K papers21.1K citations

International Quantum Electronics Conference

4.4K papers21.1K citations


4.5K papers21K citations

Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

532 papers20.9K citations

Combinatorial Pattern Matching

977 papers20.8K citations

IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference

5.1K papers20.8K citations

Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference

1.9K papers20.7K citations

Intelligent Agents

559 papers20.5K citations

Human Language Technology

479 papers20.2K citations

International Conference on Plasma Science

8.7K papers20.1K citations

IEEE International Radar Conference

3.7K papers20K citations

New Interfaces for Musical Expression

1.7K papers19.7K citations

Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI

2.2K papers19.5K citations