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Conference on Image and Video Retrieval

596 papers19.5K citations

Multimedia Information Retrieval

493 papers19.4K citations

Privacy in Statistical Databases

245 papers19.3K citations

International Conference on Microelectronics

4.4K papers19.2K citations

Web Information Systems Engineering

1.7K papers19.2K citations

Color Imaging Conference

1.8K papers19.1K citations

Intelligent Systems Design and Applications

2.9K papers19.1K citations

North American Power Symposium

2.3K papers18.8K citations

International Conference on Nanotechnology

5.3K papers18.7K citations

Embedded Software

718 papers18.7K citations

International Conference on 3D Vision

665 papers18.7K citations

Educational Data Mining

1.4K papers18.7K citations

International Symposium on Robotics

1.4K papers18.6K citations

International Conference on Networking

2.9K papers18.5K citations

Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

2.3K papers18.4K citations

Applied Cryptography and Network Security

691 papers18.4K citations

Simulation of Adaptive Behavior

1K papers18.4K citations

International Symposium on Physical Design

751 papers18.3K citations

Rewriting Techniques and Applications

891 papers18K citations

Medical Informatics Europe

2.5K papers18K citations

Bioinformatics and Biomedicine

4.3K papers17.8K citations

Learning Analytics and Knowledge

606 papers17.7K citations

Algorithmic Learning Theory

1.2K papers17.7K citations

International Conference on Advanced Computing

3.3K papers17.7K citations

Digital Identity Management

486 papers17.5K citations

Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings

1.3K papers17.4K citations

Intelligent Virtual Agents

1.1K papers17.4K citations

Computational Intelligence and Games

993 papers17.4K citations

Eye Tracking Research & Application

392 papers17.2K citations

IEEE India Conference

4.1K papers17.1K citations

Asian Test Symposium

2.1K papers17.1K citations

Electronic Government

1.3K papers17.1K citations

Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference

3.5K papers17K citations

International Symposium on Visual Computing

2.4K papers17K citations

IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI

1.7K papers16.9K citations

European Conference on Artificial Life

1.2K papers16.8K citations

International Symposium on Neural Networks

3.8K papers16.8K citations

Digital Systems Design

2.1K papers16.8K citations

International Parallel Processing Symposium

1.1K papers16.8K citations

Conference on Computability in Europe

1.1K papers16.8K citations

Visual Analytics Science and Technology

741 papers16.7K citations

Aspect-Oriented Software Development

432 papers16.5K citations

Conference Cognitive Science

872 papers16.4K citations

Robot Soccer World Cup

1.4K papers16.4K citations

IEEE/AIAA Digital Avionics Systems Conference

2.7K papers16.4K citations

Business Information Systems

2.1K papers16.4K citations

International Conference on Advanced Robotics

1.3K papers16.3K citations

Annual Symposium on Frequency Control

1.8K papers16.2K citations