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Typeset's Publisher Program

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What is Typeset?

Typeset is an end-to-end research writing, collaboration and formatting platform that enables
researchers to focus on their research, by taking the pain out of making that
research publication-ready.

Typeset is a very innovative solution to the formatting problem and existing providers, such as
Mendeley or Word, have not really evolved in recent years.

Andreas Frutiger, Researcher & Ex MS Word user

Benefits of the Typeset Publisher Program

The Typeset Publisher Program is designed to support publishers at every step of the publication
process, from sourcing quality content to getting publication-ready documents.

Improve Your Journal’s Impact Factor

The most reliable way to improve your impact factor is to publish high-
quality research. Over 400 high-quality research documents are created by
top-notch researchers on Typeset every week.

Add your journal template to our database to enable one-click, 100%
compliant submissions from these researchers and
your authors.

Speed Up Production

Typeset automates manual processes in your production timeline. Authors can use our platform to directly send you structured XML (JATS or any custom XML). You can use this XML to generate any format you need, including EPub, print-ready PDF or HTML.

This process is generally outsourced and consumes several days on the production schedule.

Reduce Publication Costs

Converting an author’s manuscript to a publication-ready XML accounts for almost half of a journal’s publishing budget. For instance, PMC spends $2.7M of its entire $4.45M budget for converting manuscripts to XML.

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Typeset’s auto-formatting capability allows publishers to receive research papers as XML files directly from the authors thus helping them cut publishing costs by as much as 50%.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Cut out the chaos. Typeset can be used internally by your editorial team for formatting or to communicate and collaborate with authors and reviewers on one platform. We also have powerful version control in place to ensure you can easily revert to older versions if you need to.

The time taken for a manuscript to go from submission to publication hovers around 188 days for most journals. With Typeset, you’ll see the difference.

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