1.  To Insert a figure in your document, go to your document on Typeset and click on Insert > Figure, located in the toolbar.

2.  Now, you will see a pop-up with options on how to add your figure.

a.  Upload the image by clicking on Browse or Drag the image on to  space. Typeset editor supports all common formats such as JPG,  PNG, TIFF, EMF, etc,.

b.  If you have a web URL that links directly to the image, you can use  this option.

c.  If you have a LabArchives account, you can log in using your credentials and select the images you wish to upload.

3.  Once you add an image, it will be instantly visible as a figure on the editor. You can now name the figure by clicking on the caption. Naming is must if you wish to cite the figure later.

4.  You can access more formatting options for the figure by clicking on the options icon.

5.  To replace a figure, hover on the image and click  "Replace Image".

6.  To delete a figure, go to options and select "Delete Figure".

Refer to this video for more information:

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