Learn the steps to import references to Typeset from Google Scholar

1.  Go to Google scholar, identify the reference you need to import and click on the "Cite" button located just below the reference.

2.  Now in the Cite screen, click on "BibTeX" at the bottom.

3.  The BibTeX code for this specific reference will be seen for this reference. Copy the code.

4.  Now login to Typeset, and click on the part of the editor where you want to add the reference.

5.  Click on "Cite > Reference", from the toolbar to import/add the references.

6.  Then, click on the "Add References" button in the sidebar. Now, paste the        BibTeX code of the reference in the "Paste BibTeX" tab and click on the "Add References" button.

7.  Your reference is now imported successfully from Google scholar! You can now cite the reference.

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