Import figures directly from your LabArchives Notebooks

About LabArchives

LabArchives is a cloud-based software application which replaces the traditional paper notebooks used in professional research labs and higher education laboratory courses. The LabArchives ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) solution is used by more than 235,000 scientists and professors, including Nobel laureates, to store, organize, share, and publish their laboratory data.

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How to Import an image from LabArchives to your research document on Typeset

1.  Click on Insert in the editor menu.

2.  Select Figure from the drop down.

3.  In the modal window that opens up, select LabArchives and enter your login information.

4.  Select the notebook -> file -> page you want to import the image from.

5. You will see thumbnails of all the images on that page. Choose the ones you want to import.

6.  Click on the blue arrow and the selected images will be imported into your research document.

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