If you are a LaTeX user, then you are used to writing LaTeX code to present your document according to the journal's guidelines.

Typeset, in contrast, takes care of the presentation part of your document so that you can just focus on writing your research!

We talked to a number of LaTeX users and found that Typeset can add great value to a LaTeX user in writing research papers, theses, project assignments, etc.

1.  Just Write: Coding in LaTeX makes you responsible for the look and feel of the document. Typeset automates this so that you can focus on just writing.

2.  Write once, submit multiple times: On Typeset you do not have to redo the formatting every time you submit to a different journal. Typeset has ready-made templates for all type of journals (12000 and counting). You can easily re-format your content to any journal in a click.

3.  Export to LaTeX whenever you need: Typeset lets you export your document in native Latex code so that you have full control of the document. The document can also be exported to other formats like PDF, Docx, etc.

4.  Beautiful equations without coding: Get complex scientific expressions rendered perfectly but with no coding required! Typeset allows you to write any scientific expression imaginable on its visual math editor.

5.  Collaborate easily with non-LaTeX users: Using emails for sharing documents and collaboration is difficult. And getting everyone in-sync is a nightmare. Typeset lets you share the research document with your peers and receive independent feedback and collaborate easily.

6.  Track changes easily: Typeset allows you to mark any version of your work as you write allows you to experiment with new ideas. You can see the evolution of your document, restore back to a specific version and compare versions.

7.  Productive content creation: Typeset splits the research writing process into two steps — writing and presentation. This lets authors focus on the core function — writing, while Typeset takes care of the presentation part.

8.  Plan your content: Since there is no easy way to visualize the structure of the document in traditional writing tools, users lack the clarity on what needs to be written. Typeset auto-generates the document structure as you write letting you plan your content easily.

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