Are you a MS Word user?

Do you use the tool predominantly to write your research papers, theses, assignments, etc.?

With all due respect, the tool has a lot of value for creating general purpose documents. But when it comes to research communication, the needs are so specific that the current writing experience is completely fragmented and inefficient. That's why we built Typeset - an editor for research.

So, what makes Typeset so much better than MS Word?

1.  Just write: MS Word makes authors responsible for the look and feel of the document. So instead of just focusing on writing the content, you now have to edit your document for the tenth time to get the margin spacing right! Typeset automates the typesetting so that you can focus on what is really important — writing your research.

2.  Does all the heavy lifting: In MS Word, you have to manually perform all the formatting required in presenting the document according to journal guidelines. Typeset automatically generates journal compliant documents without the need to go through complex instructions.

3.  Built for research: Since MS Word is not built for research, authors rely heavily on plugins. Typeset is specifically built for research, so all research related actions come inbuilt with the editor. This makes the writing process intuitive and easy.

4.  Professional quality documents: With MS Word there are often issues with justification, hyphenation, ligatures, real small caps, text kerning, etc. Typeset generates high-quality documents which are “publishing ready” with high-quality typography and presentation.

5.  Quality scientific expressions: Getting complex scientific expressions rendered perfectly is challenging and effort intensive in MS Word. Typeset allows you to write any scientific expression imaginable. Our math editor has already handled complex expressions in mathematics, statistics, physics, biology, etc.

6.  Write once, submit multiple times: As if it is not enough that you format to one journal’s specifications, you got to redo the formatting every time you submit to a different journal! Typeset allows you to easily re-format your content to any journal in a click.

7.  Invisible templates: MS Word treats templates like forms, constraining authors within the limits of the format. This does not allow for a free flow writing experience. Typeset templates work on the background, guiding you in adhering to journal guidelines and generating “publishing ready” documents at the end.

8.  Powerful version control: With MS Word, you have to save multiple versions of the same document for the lack of version control. Typeset allows you to mark any version of your work as you write allows you to experiment with new ideas. You can see the evolution of your document, restore back to a specific version and compare versions.

9.  Simplified collaboration: Users writing on MS Word depend on emails for sharing documents and collaboration. This leads to difficulties in tracking changes and getting everyone in-sync is a nightmare. Typeset lets you share your research document, receive independent feedback, track all changes, etc. This lets you to effectively work with your collaborators and makes the entire review process simple.

10.  Productive content creation: MS Word makes authors constantly jump back and forth between writing and formatting, making the writing process unproductive. Typeset splits the research writing process into two steps — writing and presenting. This lets authors focus on the core function — writing, while Typeset takes care of presenting.

11.  Export to multiple formats: Exporting MS Word to LaTeX is not only tricky, some times it is even impossible. So even if you want to write LaTeX code to do your own formatting you can’t! Typeset lets you export your document in multiple formats such as LaTeX, MS Word, PDF, etc. allowing for cross-platform usage.

12.  Fewer formatting tools: In MS Word, presenting your content the way you want involves fiddling with fonts, spacing, margins, etc. It is a trial and error process to get the document to look the way you want. Typeset enables you to do just the right amount of formatting. It provides great defaults so that you don’t need to worry about the look and feel.

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