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Akademie Mode & Design

EducationHamburg, Germany
About: Akademie Mode & Design is a education organization based out in Hamburg, Germany. It is known for research contribution in the topics: Computer science & Acceleration. The organization has 1 authors who have published 1 publications receiving 2 citations.

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01 Jan 2018
TL;DR: In this article, the authors discuss with Uwe Stoklossa how experiences can be made luxurious and reveal that the secret is the experience, rather than the gold and branding.
Abstract: Luxury is complex It’s all about design, and design in itself is so hard to define Our human existence centres around the consumption of products and services, our definition of status and achievement focus on how luxurious our consumption is We’ll see that historically, this is fluid and dynamic: it’s never been the same, and now, in our complex post-industrial, globalised and postmodern world, luxury is extremely personal and individual Between gold and branding, I discuss with Uwe Stoklossa how experiences can be made luxurious Hint: the secret is the experience

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M.S. Joun1
03 Nov 2022
Proceedings ArticleDOI
01 May 2022
TL;DR: The AIE-ML architecture as discussed by the authors is the second generation of the AI-Engine architecture and the most important ML compute/bandwidth requirements are mapped to this architecture. Â
Abstract: In the field of compute acceleration, machine learning model acceleration is one of the fastest growing areas of focus. ML model complexity in both compute and memory have driven the latest accelerator architectures and with that, developing ways to efficiently use these new architectures is the key to unlocking their potential. At AMD the AIE-ML architecture is our second generation AI-Engine architecture and we will dive into some of the ways we map the most important ML compute/bandwidth requirements to this architecture.


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