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Cumberland County College

EducationVineland, New Jersey, United States
About: Cumberland County College is a(n) education organization based out in Vineland, New Jersey, United States. It is known for research contribution in the topic(s): Suicide prevention & Hypolimnion. The organization has 10 authors who have published 12 publication(s) receiving 317 citation(s).

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01 Jul 1994-The Auk
Abstract: -The distribution of migratory shorebirds within Delaware Bay, New Jersey, was examined relative to prey abundance and the physical characteristics of the intertidal beaches. Red Knots (Calidris canutus), Sanderlings (C. alba), Ruddy Turnstones (Arenaria interpres), and "peeps" comprised nearly 100% of the shorebirds on seven study beaches from mid-May to early June in both 1990 and 1991. The most abundant food item on these beaches was horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) eggs, and there were few other available macroinvertebrates. Beaches preferred by shorebirds had higher numbers of crab eggs; the density of eggs in some surface (0-5 cm) sediments exceeded 1 05 / M2. In general, both horseshoe crab eggs and shorebirds increased along the bay shore from Higbee's Beach (near Cape May Point) to Moore's Beach, 32 km up-bay. However, shorebirds were widely distributed within the bay, possibly because eggs were sufficiently abundant on most beaches to support foraging by at least four birds per meter of shoreline. Shorebirds aggregated near shoreline discontinuities, such as salt-marsh creeks and jetties, that acted as concentrating mechanisms for passively drifting eggs. Sediment grain size and heterogeneity were probably not a primary determinant of shorebird distribution within Delaware Bay. Intertidal sand flats were not extensively used by foraging shorebirds, but the potential importance of nearby salt marshes as foraging sites requires further investigation. Received 20 January 1993, accepted 27 March

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Abstract: Lake Oglethorpe, Georgia, is a small, monomictic impoundment in the southeastern U.S. Piedmont region. Seasonal differences in ecological processes correspond to the two major stratification patterns and result in seasonal differences in pelagic community structure. The winter mixed period (November-March) provides light and temperatures suitable for active nutrient regeneration and uptake, population growth of edible phytoplankton and crustacean zooplankton, and low bacterial abundance and production. Monthly estimates of daily primary productivity are in the mesoeutrophic range (40-1,420 mg C m -2 d -1 ) ; however, mean annual primary productivity is in the eutrophic range (500 mg C m -2 yr -1 ) because of greater activity in winter and an extended growing season. The stratified period (April-October) is characterized by rapid development of hypolimnetic anoxia, high bacterial production, cyanobacteria and large algae, heterotrophic flagellates, ciliates, rotifers, small cyclopoid copepods, and Chaoborus. Heterotrophic activity, HPLC chlorophyll a, and grazer activity were highest at the epilimnetic-metalimnetic boundary. Bacterial abundances (1.5-32 x 10 6 cells ml -1 ) increased in the hypolimnion during the stratified period. Long-term (1978-1994) warming within the water column (0.061-0.10°C yr -1 ) follows midwinter (January) air temperature trends. Using Lake Oglethorpe as an analog, we predict as consequences of climatic warming in northern dimictic lakes : increases in nutrient cycling rates, winter primary and secondary productivity, summer heterotrophic production, and microbial components of the food web.

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Abstract: This article provides an overview of educational reform efforts that have been targeted toward assisting homeless students. The authors first review some of the difficulties and barriers that confront homeless children in terms of school access and academic success. The authors then examine four different types of educational reforms for homeless students—mainstreamed schools, supplemental supports, transitional schools (separate schools), and modified comprehensive schools—in relation to the existing barriers for homeless students. Using a case study approach, the authors briefly describe the first modified comprehensive school in the nation and the programs that are being implemented at the school. This article concludes that school reforms for homeless children need to be tailored to the specific context of the community and not be based on national one-size-fits-all reform policy. Recommendations are provided to assist in the planning of educational programs to enhance the academic success of the home...

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TL;DR: Frequent, consistent support of clients experiencing IPV from their families and friends is of considerable importance and can facilitate the buffering effects of such support against suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts.
Abstract: (1) Clients exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) are at considerable risk for depression, suicide, and homicide. (2) Disclosure of IPV should be accompanied by nonjudgmental, careful, clear documentation of physical and emotional findings by nurses, including direct statements in clients' own words. (3) Frequent, consistent support of clients experiencing IPV from their families and friends (including nonjudgmental listening, unconditional acceptance, discussion of options, and exploring decisions) is of considerable importance and can facilitate the buffering effects of such support against suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts.

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Abstract: According to Galtung’s articles ‘On the role of the media in worldwide security and peace’ (1986) and ‘High road, low road: Charting the course for peace journalism’ (1998), war journalism and peac...

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