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Diponegoro University

EducationSemarang, Indonesia
About: Diponegoro University is a education organization based out in Semarang, Indonesia. It is known for research contribution in the topics: Population & Stock exchange. The organization has 17704 authors who have published 18601 publications receiving 56365 citations. The organization is also known as: Universitas Diponegoro & University of Diponegoro.

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TL;DR: In this article, the authors compared different macromolecular additives, such as polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG), polyethylene oxide (PE), polypropylene oxide (OPO), bovine serum albumin (Bovine albumin), and poly(polyethylene polyoxide) (Pluronic®, Plu), in order to determine the additive that should be preferred.

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TL;DR: Gelatin films incorporated with bergamot (BO) and lemongrass oil (LO) at various concentrations as glycerol substitute were prepared and characterised.

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TL;DR: In this paper, the authors used line-intercept transect surveys on 15 reefs in three regions of Indonesia to estimate the relative decrease in within-habitat coral species diversity associated with different types of reef degradation.

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TL;DR: RVM outperforms SVM based battery health prognostics and SampEn and estimated state of charge (SOH) are employed as data input and target vector of learning algorithms, respectively.
Abstract: In this paper, an intelligent prognostic for battery health based on sample entropy (SampEn) feature of discharge voltage is proposed. SampEn can provide computational means for assessing the predictability of a time series and also can quantity the regularity of a data sequence. Therefore, when it is applied to discharge voltage battery data, it could serve an indicator for battery health. In this work, the intelligent ability is introduced by utilizing machine learning methods namely support vector machine (SVM) and relevance vector machine (RVM). SampEn and estimated state of charge (SOH) are employed as data input and target vector of learning algorithms, respectively. The results show that the proposed method is plausible due to the good performance of SVM and RVM in SOH prediction. In our study, RVM outperforms SVM based battery health prognostics.

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TL;DR: Coral growth and reef growth were decoupled, in that coral growth rates did not reliably predict rates of reef accretion, illustrating the need for a whole-reef perspective on coral reef health.

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