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Helderberg College

EducationCape Town, South Africa
About: Helderberg College is a(n) education organization based out in Cape Town, South Africa. It is known for research contribution in the topic(s): Competence (human resources) & Prejudice (legal term). The organization has 2 authors who have published 3 publication(s) receiving 8 citation(s).

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TL;DR: General knowledge of senior health students about epilepsy was considered low, however, regarding the medical aspects of the disease, students from Brazil and Portugal exhibited a slightly superior knowledge.
Abstract: Even with economic development and improvements in health care around the world, it is estimated that nowadays, 50 million people have epilepsy. It is one of the most prevalent neurological diseases, yet it is still surrounded by prejudice, stigma, lack of awareness, and wrong attitudes of the population towards the disease. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the knowledge about epilepsy in health students from different countries: Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, United States, and South Africa. Students were asked to complete a survey regarding knowledge about epilepsy (the Epilepsy Knowledge Questionnaire). One hundred and two students participated, 62.2% of them were female. Portuguese students had significantly higher values than the American ones (p = 0.025). Regarding the medical aspects, on average, students hit 63.8% of the questions, and the students from Portugal had significantly higher average than the ones from the United States (p = 0.0007). Statements with lower percent of correct answers were about pathophysiology, medication, and treatment of the disease. There were no differences between the scores obtained by the students of each country in the social aspects of the disease. Statements with higher percent of mistakes were about sports practice, labor, proceedings in case of convulsion, and ability to drive vehicles. General knowledge of senior health students about epilepsy was considered low, however, regarding the medical aspects of the disease, students from Brazil and Portugal exhibited a slightly superior knowledge. Changing the way of seeing and treating people with epilepsy brings, as a consequence, increased opportunities for these people in different sectors of society.

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Abstract: Adventure programming provides an exemplar for interventions through which adolescents may experience holistic development, interdependence, competence, and learn to model pro-social values. This s...

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01 Jan 2014
Abstract: Given the changes in the educational landscape over the last decade or more, especially in South Africa, educators in the Seventh-day Adventist education system have continued to believe in the distinctive features that define Seventh-day Adventist Christian education. These characteristics have remained constant, and specifically embrace the nature, aims, and values of SDA education. In this chapter I discuss a Bible-based philosophy, particularly a Christian approach to education. I also highlight an holistic approach to SDA education which makes use of the Bible for its fundamental doctrines. The Bible further provides a frame of reference on which SDA education is based. A distinct SDA philosophy of education is discussed as a point of departure for the Adventist home, church, and school to work in unison as a community. Adventist education further contends that education is a ministry of the highest calling and this chapter shows how schools work towards achieving the vision of the harmonious development of the mental, physical, social, and spiritual capacities. The chapter also discusses how curriculum prepares the learners for life-long learning, responsible citizenship, a role in society, as well as instilling a desire to serve the Lord and the church. Finally, it indicates the impact SDA education has on many learners from other religious persuasions, who attend SDA schools.

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