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Ibn Tofail University

EducationKenitra, Morocco
About: Ibn Tofail University is a education organization based out in Kenitra, Morocco. It is known for research contribution in the topics: Corrosion & Adsorption. The organization has 3367 authors who have published 4411 publications receiving 36957 citations.

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TL;DR: This paper is a review that survey recent technologies developed for Big Data and provides not only a global view of main Big Data technologies but also comparisons according to different system layers such as Data Storage Layer, Data Processing Layer, data Querying layer, Data Access Layer and Management Layer.

600 citations

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01 Jan 2020-Heliyon
TL;DR: This work has presented a very detailed review of the different classified azo dyes as a function of the number of azo groups and the appropriate functional groups and pointed out some chemical properties of these dyes such as reactivity, isomerization and tautomerism.

375 citations

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01 Nov 2019-Heliyon
TL;DR: The present review has been able to describe the different families of dyes and pigments used in textile finishing processes such as dyeing and printing, which are reactive, direct, dispersed, indigo, sulphur and vats.

369 citations

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TL;DR: It is demonstrated that electrodialysis is a reasonable process for removing fluoride from brackish water and the targets concerning the quality of produced water were all achieved.

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TL;DR: The structural classification of textile dyes can be determined by the following functional groups: Anthraquinone, azo, phthalocyanine, sulfur, indigo, nitro, and nitroso as mentioned in this paper.

305 citations


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