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Rivers State University of Science and Technology

EducationPort Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
About: Rivers State University of Science and Technology is a(n) education organization based out in Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria. It is known for research contribution in the topic(s): Population & Threatened species. The organization has 1826 authors who have published 1833 publication(s) receiving 15183 citation(s).

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Abstract: The production of biogas is of growing interest as fossil-fuel reserves decline. However, there exists a dearth of literature on the design considerations that would lead to process optimization in the development of anaerobic digesters aimed at creating useful commodities from the ever-abundant municipal solid-waste. Consequently, this paper provides a synthesis of the key issues and analyses concerning the design of a high-performance anaerobic digester.

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TL;DR: The authors' results show that, of 17 snake populations from the UK, France, Italy, Nigeria and Australia, 11 have declined sharply over the same relatively short period of time with five remaining stable and one showing signs of a marginal increase.
Abstract: Long-term studies have revealed population declines in fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. In birds, and particularly amphibians, these declines are a global phenomenon whose causes are often unclear. Among reptiles, snakes are top predators and therefore a decline in their numbers may have serious consequences for the functioning of many ecosystems. Our results show that, of 17 snake populations (eight species) from the UK, France, Italy, Nigeria and Australia, 11 have declined sharply over the same relatively short period of time with five remaining stable and one showing signs of a marginal increase. Although the causes of these declines are currently unknown, we suspect that they are multi-faceted (such as habitat quality deterioration, prey availability), and with a common cause, e.g. global climate change, at their root.

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Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the mediating effect of competitive advantage in the relationship between intellectual capital and financial performance in Uganda's microfinance institutions. The major aim is to establish the role of competitive advantage in the relationship between intellectual capital and firm performance.Design/methodology/approach – The paper adopts MedGraph program (Excel version), Sobel tests and the Kenny and Boran approach to test for mediation effects.Findings – Competitive advantage is a significant mediator in the association between intellectual capital and financial performance and boosts the relationship between the two by 22.4 percent in Ugandan microfinance institutions. Further findings confirmed a partial type of mediation between the intellectual capital, competitive advantage and financial performance.Research limitations/implications – Only a single research methodological approach was employed and future research through interviews could be undertak...

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Abstract: The Cross River State, Nigeria, is underlain by the Precambrian-age crystalline basement complex and by rocks of Cretaceous to Tertiary age. The exploration for groundwater in this area requires a systematic technique in order to obtain optimum results, but the non-availability of funds and facilities has made it extremely difficult to carry out site investigations prior to the drilling of water wells. Therefore, the failure rate is as high as 80%. In order to delineate areas that are expected to be suitable for future groundwater development, black and white radar imagery and aerial photographs were used to define some hydrological and hydrogeological features in parts of the study area. Lineament and drainage patterns were analysed using length density and frequency. Lineament-length density ranges from 0.04–1.52; lineament frequency is 0.11–5.09; drainage-length density is 0.17–0.94, and the drainage frequency is 0.16–1.53. These range of values reflect the differences in the probability of groundwater potentials. Results were then used to delineate areas of high, medium, and low groundwater potential. Study results also indicate that correlations exist between lineament and drainage patterns, lithology, water temperature, water conductivity, well yield, transmissivity, longitudinal conductance, and the occurrence of groundwater.

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Abstract: This paper investigates the influence of viscous dissipation and radiation on the problem of unsteady magnetohydrodynamic free-convection flow past an infinite vertical heated plate in an optically thin environment with time-dependent suction. By taking the radiative heat flux in the differential form, and imposing an oscillatory time-dependent perturbation, the coupled nonlinear problem is solved for the temperature and velocity distributions. The effects of the material parameters on the temperature and velocity profiles are discussed quantitatively. The results show that increased cooling ( Gr >0) of the plate and the Eckert number leads to a rise in the velocity profile; while increases in magnetic field, radiation and Darcy parameters are associated with decrease in the velocity. Also, an increase in the Eckert number leads to an increase in the temperature, whereas increases in radiation and magnetic field parameters lead to a decrease in the temperature distribution when the plate is being cooled.

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