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San Jose State University

EducationSan Jose, California, United States
About: San Jose State University is a(n) education organization based out in San Jose, California, United States. It is known for research contribution in the topic(s): Population & Air traffic control. The organization has 8014 authors who have published 13716 publication(s) receiving 349388 citation(s). The organization is also known as: San Jose State University & SJSU.

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Abstract: The dynamic capabilities framework analyzes the sources and methods of wealth creation and capture by private enterprise firms operating in environments of rapid technological change. The competitive advantage of firms is seen as resting on distinctive processes (ways of coordinating and combining), shaped by the firm's (specific) asset positions (such as the firm's portfolio of difftcult-to- trade knowledge assets and complementary assets), and the evolution path(s) it has aflopted or inherited. The importance of path dependencies is amplified where conditions of increasing retums exist. Whether and how a firm's competitive advantage is eroded depends on the stability of market demand, and the ease of replicability (expanding intemally) and imitatability (replication by competitors). If correct, the framework suggests that private wealth creation in regimes of rapid technological change depends in large measure on honing intemal technological, organizational, and managerial processes inside the firm. In short, identifying new opportunities and organizing effectively and efficiently to embrace them are generally more fundamental to private wealth creation than is strategizing, if by strategizing one means engaging in business conduct that keeps competitors off balance, raises rival's costs, and excludes new entrants. © 1997 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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Abstract: The results of a multi-year research program to identify the factors associated with variations in subjective workload within and between different types of tasks are reviewed. Subjective evaluations of 10 workload-related factors were obtained from 16 different experiments. The experimental tasks included simple cognitive and manual control tasks, complex laboratory and supervisory control tasks, and aircraft simulation. Task-, behavior-, and subject-related correlates of subjective workload experiences varied as a function of difficulty manipulations within experiments, different sources of workload between experiments, and individual differences in workload definition. A multi-dimensional rating scale is proposed in which information about the magnitude and sources of six workload-related factors are combined to derive a sensitive and reliable estimate of workload.

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19 Feb 2010-Science
Abstract: The Kepler mission was designed to determine the frequency of Earth-sized planets in and near the habitable zone of Sun-like stars. The habitable zone is the region where planetary temperatures are suitable for water to exist on a planet’s surface. During the first 6 weeks of observations, Kepler monitored 156,000 stars, and five new exoplanets with sizes between 0.37 and 1.6 Jupiter radii and orbital periods from 3.2 to 4.9 days were discovered. The density of the Neptune-sized Kepler-4b is similar to that of Neptune and GJ 436b, even though the irradiation level is 800,000 times higher. Kepler-7b is one of the lowest-density planets (~0.17 gram per cubic centimeter) yet detected. Kepler-5b, -6b, and -8b confirm the existence of planets with densities lower than those predicted for gas giant planets.

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Abstract: Practically all microelectronic assemblies in use today utilize Pb–Sn solders for interconnection. With the advent of chip scale packaging technologies, the usage of solder connections has increased. The most widely used Pb–Sn solder has the eutectic composition. Emerging environmental regulations worldwide, most notably in Europe and Japan, have targeted the elimination of Pb usage in electronic assemblies, due to the inherent toxicity of Pb. This has made the search for suitable “Pb-free” solders an important issue for microelectronics assembly. Approximately 70 Pb-free solder alloy compositions have been proposed thus far. There is a general lack of engineering information, and there is also significant disparity in the information available on these alloys. The issues involved can be divided into two broad categories: manufacturing and reliability/performance. A major factor affecting alloy selection is the melting point of the alloy, since this will have a major impact on the other polymeric materials used in microelectronic assembly and encapsulation. Other important manufacturing issues are cost, availability, and wetting characteristics. Reliability related properties include mechanical strength, fatigue resistance, coefficient of thermal expansion and intermetallic compound formation. The data available in the open literature have been reviewed and are summarized in this paper. Where data were not available, such as for corrosion and oxidation resistance, chemical thermodynamics was used to develop this information. While a formal alloy selection decision analysis methodology has not been developed, less formal approaches indicate that Sn-rich alloys will be the Pb-free solder alloys of choice, with three to four alloys being identified for each of the different applications. Research on this topic continues at the present time at a vigorous pace, in view of the imminence of the issue.

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Abstract: Primarily because of the significant rate and costs of failed international assignments, the attention paid by scholars to the topic of international adjustment has increased recently. Unfortunately, most of the work has been without substantial theoretical grounding. In an effort to move toward a theoretical framework for guiding future research, this article integrates theoretical and empirical work of both the international and the domestic adjustment literatures. This integration provides a more comprehensive framework than might be obtained from either of the literatures alone.

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