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EducationStanford, California, United States
About: Stanford University is a(n) education organization based out in Stanford, California, United States. It is known for research contribution in the topic(s): Population & Transplantation. The organization has 125751 authors who have published 320347 publication(s) receiving 21892059 citation(s). The organization is also known as: Leland Stanford Junior University & University of Stanford.
Topics: Population, Transplantation, Cancer, Gene, Health care
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Abstract: �Traditional, hierarchical views of leadership are less and less useful given the complexities of our modern world. Leadership theory must transition to new perspectives that account for the complex adaptive needs of organizations. In this paper, we propose that leadership (as opposed to leaders) can be seen as a complex dynamic process that emerges in the interactive “spaces between” people and ideas. That is, leadership is a dynamic that transcends the capabilities of individuals alone; it is the product of interaction, tension, and exchange rules governing changes in perceptions and understanding. We label this a dynamic of adaptive leadership, and we show how this dynamic provides important insights about the nature of leadership and its outcomes in organizational fields. We define a leadership event as a perceived segment of action whose meaning is created by the interactions of actors involved in producing it, and we present a set of innovative methods for capturing and analyzing these contextually driven processes. We provide theoretical and practical implications of these ideas for organizational behavior and organization and management theory.

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01 Jan 1986-
Abstract: 1. Models of Human Nature and Casualty. 2. Observational Learning. 3. Enactive Learning. 4. Social Diffusion and Innovation. 5. Predictive Knowledge and Forethought. 6. Incentive Motivators. 7. Vicarious Motivators. 8. Self-Regulatory Mechanisms. 9. Self-Efficacy. 10. Cognitive Regulators. References. Index.

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Eric S. Lander1, Lauren Linton1, Bruce W. Birren1, Chad Nusbaum1, Michael C. Zody1, Jennifer Baldwin1, Keri Devon1, Ken Dewar1, Michael Doyle1, William Fitzhugh1, Roel Funke1, Diane Gage1, Katrina Harris1, Andrew Heaford1, John Howland1, Lisa Kann1, Jessica A. Lehoczky1, Rosie Levine1, Paul A. McEwan1, Kevin McKernan1, James Meldrim1, Jill P. Mesirov1, Cher Miranda1, William Morris1, Jerome Naylor1, Christina Raymond1, Mark Rosetti1, Ralph Santos1, Andrew Sheridan1, Carrie Sougnez1, Nicole Stange-Thomann1, Nikola Stojanovic1, Aravind Subramanian1, Dudley Wyman1, Jane Rogers2, John Sulston2, R Ainscough2, Stephan Beck2, David Bentley2, John Burton2, C M Clee2, Nigel P. Carter2, Alan Coulson2, Rebecca Deadman2, Panos Deloukas2, Andrew Dunham2, Ian Dunham2, Richard Durbin2, Lisa French2, Darren Grafham2, Simon G. Gregory2, Tim Hubbard2, Sean Humphray2, Adrienne Hunt2, Matthew Jones2, Christine Lloyd2, Amanda McMurray2, Lucy Matthews2, Simon Mercer2, Sarah Milne2, James C. Mullikin2, Andrew J. Mungall2, Robert W. Plumb2, Mark T. Ross2, Ratna Shownkeen2, Sarah Sims2, Robert H. Waterston3, Richard K. Wilson3, LaDeana W. Hillier3, John Douglas Mcpherson3, Marco A. Marra3, Elaine R. Mardis3, Lucinda Fulton3, Asif T. Chinwalla3, Kymberlie H. Pepin3, Warren Gish3, Stephanie L. Chissoe3, Michael C. Wendl3, Kim D. Delehaunty3, Tracie L. Miner3, Andrew Delehaunty3, Jason B. Kramer3, Lisa Cook3, Robert S. Fulton3, Douglas L. Johnson3, Patrick Minx3, Sandra W. Clifton3, Trevor Hawkins4, Elbert Branscomb4, Paul Predki4, Paul G. Richardson4, Sarah Wenning4, Tom Slezak4, Norman A. Doggett4, Jan Fang Cheng4, Anne S. Olsen4, Susan Lucas4, Christopher J. Elkin4, Edward Uberbacher4, Marvin Frazier4, Richard A. Gibbs5, Donna M. Muzny5, Steven E. Scherer5, John Bouck5, Erica Sodergren5, Kim C. Worley5, Catherine M. Rives5, James H. Gorrell5, Michael L. Metzker5, Susan L. Naylor6, Raju Kucherlapati7, David L. Nelson8, George M. Weinstock8, Yoshiyuki Sakaki, Asao Fujiyama, Masahira Hattori, Tetsushi Yada, Atsushi Toyoda, Takehiko Itoh, Chiharu Kawagoe, Hidemi Watanabe, Yasushi Totoki, Todd D. Taylor, Jean Weissenbach9, Roland Heilig9, William Saurin9, François Artiguenave9, Philippe Brottier9, Thomas Brüls9, Eric Pelletier9, Catherine Robert9, Patrick Wincker9, André Rosenthal10, Matthias Platzer10, Gerald Nyakatura10, Stefan Taudien10, Andreas Rump10, Douglas R. Smith, Lynn Doucette-Stamm, Marc Rubenfield, Keith Weinstock, Mei Lee Hong, Joann Dubois, Huanming Yang11, Jun Yu11, Jian Wang11, Guyang Huang12, Jun Gu12, Leroy Hood13, Lee Rowen13, Anup Madan13, Shizen Qin13, Ronald W. Davis14, Nancy A. Federspiel14, A. Pia Abola14, Michael Proctor14, Bruce A. Roe15, Feng Chen15, Huaqin Pan15, Juliane Ramser16, Hans Lehrach16, Richard Reinhardt16, W. Richard McCombie17, Melissa De La Bastide17, Neilay Dedhia17, H. Blöcker, K. Hornischer, Gabriele Nordsiek, Richa Agarwala10, L. Aravind10, Jeffrey A. Bailey18, Alex Bateman2, Serafim Batzoglou1, Ewan Birney, Peer Bork19, Daniel G. Brown1, Christopher B. Burge1, Lorenzo Cerutti, Hsiu Chuan Chen10, Deanna M. Church10, Michele Clamp2, Richard R. Copley, Tobias Doerks19, Sean R. Eddy3, Evan E. Eichler18, Terrence S. Furey20, James E. Galagan1, James G. R. Gilbert2, Cyrus L. Harmon21, Yoshihide Hayashizaki, David Haussler20, Henning Hermjakob, Karsten Hokamp22, Wonhee Jang10, L. Steven Johnson3, Thomas A. Jones3, Simon Kasif1, Arek Kaspryzk, Scot Kennedy20, W. James Kent20, Paul Kitts10, Eugene V. Koonin10, Ian F Korf3, David Kulp21, Doron Lancet23, Todd M. Lowe14, Aoife McLysaght22, Tarjei S. Mikkelsen1, John V. Moran24, Nicola Mulder, Victor J. Pollara1, Chris P. Ponting25, Greg Schuler10, Jörg Schultz, Guy Slater, Arian F.A. Smit13, Elia Stupka, Joseph Szustakowki1, Danielle Thierry-Mieg10, Jean Thierry-Mieg10, Lukas Wagner10, John W. Wallis3, Raymond Wheeler21, Alan Williams21, Yuri I. Wolf10, Kenneth H. Wolfe22, Shiaw Pyng Yang3, Ru Fang Yeh1, Francis S. Collins10, Mark S. Guyer10, Jane Peterson10, Adam Felsenfeld10, Kris A. Wetterstrand10, Richard M. Myers14, Jeremy Schmutz14, Mark Dickson14, Jane Grimwood14, David R. Cox14, Maynard V. Olson26, Rajinder Kaul26, Christopher K. Raymond26, Nobuyoshi Shimizu27, Kazuhiko Kawasaki27, Shinsei Minoshima27, Glen A. Evans28, Maria Athanasiou28, Roger A. Schultz28, Aristides Patrinos4, Michael J. Morgan29 
15 Feb 2001-Nature
TL;DR: The results of an international collaboration to produce and make freely available a draft sequence of the human genome are reported and an initial analysis is presented, describing some of the insights that can be gleaned from the sequence.
Abstract: The human genome holds an extraordinary trove of information about human development, physiology, medicine and evolution. Here we report the results of an international collaboration to produce and make freely available a draft sequence of the human genome. We also present an initial analysis of the data, describing some of the insights that can be gleaned from the sequence.

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Abstract: Una exploracion de los avances contemporaneos en la teoria del aprendizaje social, con especial enfasis en los importantes roles que cumplen los procesos cognitivos, indirectos, y autoregulatorios.

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TL;DR: The revised criteria for the classification of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were formulated from a computerized analysis of 262 contemporary, consecutively studied patients with RA and 262 control subjects with rheumatic diseases other than RA (non-RA).
Abstract: The revised criteria for the classification of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were formulated from a computerized analysis of 262 contemporary, consecutively studied patients with RA and 262 control subjects with rheumatic diseases other than RA (non-RA). The new criteria are as follows: 1) morning stiffness in and around joints lasting at least 1 hour before maximal improvement; 2) soft tissue swelling (arthritis) of 3 or more joint areas observed by a physician; 3) swelling (arthritis) of the proximal interphalangeal, metacarpophalangeal, or wrist joints; 4) symmetric swelling (arthritis); 5) rheumatoid nodules; 6) the presence of rheumatoid factor; and 7) radiographic erosions and/or periarticular osteopenia in hand and/or wrist joints. Criteria 1 through 4 must have been present for at least 6 weeks. Rheumatoid arthritis is defined by the presence of 4 or more criteria, and no further qualifications (classic, definite, or probable) or list of exclusions are required. In addition, a "classification tree" schema is presented which performs equally as well as the traditional (4 of 7) format. The new criteria demonstrated 91-94% sensitivity and 89% specificity for RA when compared with non-RA rheumatic disease control subjects.

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