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Applied Physics Letters 

About: Applied Physics Letters is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Thin film & Laser. It has an ISSN identifier of 0003-6951. Over the lifetime, 127665 publication(s) have been published receiving 5244938 citation(s).

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Abstract: A novel electroluminescent device is constructed using organic materials as the emitting elements. The diode has a double‐layer structure of organic thin films, prepared by vapor deposition. Efficient injection of holes and electrons is provided from an indium‐tin‐oxide anode and an alloyed Mg:Ag cathode. Electron‐hole recombination and green electroluminescent emission are confined near the organic interface region. High external quantum efficiency (1% photon/electron), luminous efficiency (1.5 lm/W), and brightness (>1000 cd/m2) are achievable at a driving voltage below 10 V.

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Abstract: Indirect evidence is presented that free‐standing Si quantum wires can be fabricated without the use of epitaxial deposition or lithography. The novel approach uses electrochemical and chemical dissolution steps to define networks of isolated wires out of bulk wafers. Mesoporous Si layers of high porosity exhibit visible (red) photoluminescence at room temperature, observable with the naked eye under <1 mW unfocused (<0.1 W cm−2) green or blue laser line excitation. This is attributed to dramatic two‐dimensional quantum size effects which can produce emission far above the band gap of bulk crystalline Si.

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Abstract: A thin‐film, two‐layer organic photovoltaiccell has been fabricated from copper phthalocyanine and a perylene tetracarboxylic derivative. A power conversion efficiency of about 1% has been achieved under simulated AM2 illumination. A novel feature of the device is that the charge‐generation efficiency is relatively independent of the bias voltage, resulting in cells with fill factor values as high as 0.65. The interface between the two organic materials, rather than the electrode/organic contacts, is crucial in determining the photovoltaicproperties of the cell.

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Abstract: We propose an electron wave analog of the electro‐optic light modulator. The current modulation in the proposed structure arises from spin precession due to the spin‐orbit coupling in narrow‐gap semiconductors, while magnetized contacts are used to preferentially inject and detect specific spin orientations. This structure may exhibit significant current modulation despite multiple modes, elevated temperatures, or a large applied bias.

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