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JournalISSN: 0004-3702

Artificial Intelligence 

Elsevier BV
About: Artificial Intelligence is an academic journal published by Elsevier BV. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Knowledge representation and reasoning & Non-monotonic logic. It has an ISSN identifier of 0004-3702. Over the lifetime, 4466 publications have been published receiving 427426 citations.

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TL;DR: In this paper, a method for finding the optical flow pattern is presented which assumes that the apparent velocity of the brightness pattern varies smoothly almost everywhere in the image, and an iterative implementation is shown which successfully computes the Optical Flow for a number of synthetic image sequences.

10,727 citations

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TL;DR: The wrapper method searches for an optimal feature subset tailored to a particular algorithm and a domain and compares the wrapper approach to induction without feature subset selection and to Relief, a filter approach tofeature subset selection.

8,610 citations

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TL;DR: By showing that argumentation can be viewed as a special form of logic programming with negation as failure, this paper introduces a general logic-programming-based method for generating meta-interpreters for argumentation systems, a method very much similar to the compiler-compiler idea in conventional programming.

4,386 citations

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TL;DR: A novel algorithm for solving pomdps off line and how, in some cases, a finite-memory controller can be extracted from the solution to a POMDP is outlined.

4,283 citations

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TL;DR: This paper proposes a logic for default reasoning, develops a complete proof theory and shows how to interface it with a top down resolution theorem prover, and provides criteria under which the revision of derived beliefs must be effected.

4,146 citations

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