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JournalISSN: 1001-8654

China Wood Industry 

About: China Wood Industry is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Veneer & Bamboo. It has an ISSN identifier of 1001-8654. Over the lifetime, 313 publication(s) have been published receiving 669 citation(s).
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Journal Article
Abstract: The author reviewed the history of the Chinese bamboo-based panel industry and presented a new technology for making a bamboo-fiber based composite that was developed at the Chinese Research Institute of Wood Industry.This technology used whole bamboo culms as a manufacturing unit and overcame the bonding problems for outer and inner bamboo culms that improved the bamboo use efficiency to exceed 90%.

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Journal Article
Abstract: Wood and bamboo reconstituted processing method was one of the best ways for effectively utilizing plantation wood and bamboo.In this paper,the current status of wood and bamboo scrimber products were reviewed and some existing barriers including technology,processing,continuously manufacturing equipments and standardization,were analyzed,and future prospects for promoting the industry were also presented.

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Journal Article
Abstract: The author reviewed the history,current status,major technical breakthroughs,and applications for newly developed bamboo scrimber products in China.Some existing barriers facing the products were analyzed and future prospects for promoting them were also presented.

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Journal Article
Abstract: The authors developed a new technology for making laminated fibrillated-veneer lumber.They designed an experiment using bamboo(Bambusa distegia) to optimize the processing parameters.The effect of resin impregnation rate on mechanical performance and water resistance was discussed.The results showed that increasing specimen resin content from 7% to 13%,had a negative impact on the average modulus of rupture(MOR) and tensile strength,and a positive influence on the shear strength and water resistance.However,the increase in resin content didn't affect the modulus of elasticity(MOE) or compression strength.The authors suggested that the panel's mechanical performance and water resistance could be predicted by controlling the resin impregnation level to meet different application demands.

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Journal Article
Abstract: Theoretical and experimental research on a foamed material from plant fibers was conducted. Results showed that all the chemical and physical properties of the foamed material were affected by the distribution and size of the bubbles. Plant fibers freely joined each other forming a three dimensional structure as a result of the tension and force of the bubbles. At the same time, the tri dimensional structure was further strengthened by the action of an adhesive and a surface activating agent.

14 citations

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