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Communications in Mathematical Physics 

About: Communications in Mathematical Physics is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Quantum field theory & Hamiltonian (quantum mechanics). It has an ISSN identifier of 0010-3616. Over the lifetime, 10991 publication(s) have been published receiving 704387 citation(s).

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Abstract: In the classical theory black holes can only absorb and not emit particles. However it is shown that quantum mechanical effects cause black holes to create and emit particles as if they were hot bodies with temperature\(\frac{{h\kappa }}{{2\pi k}} \approx 10^{ - 6} \left( {\frac{{M_ \odot }}{M}} \right){}^ \circ K\) where κ is the surface gravity of the black hole. This thermal emission leads to a slow decrease in the mass of the black hole and to its eventual disappearance: any primordial black hole of mass less than about 1015 g would have evaporated by now. Although these quantum effects violate the classical law that the area of the event horizon of a black hole cannot decrease, there remains a Generalized Second Law:S+1/4A never decreases whereS is the entropy of matter outside black holes andA is the sum of the surface areas of the event horizons. This shows that gravitational collapse converts the baryons and leptons in the collapsing body into entropy. It is tempting to speculate that this might be the reason why the Universe contains so much entropy per baryon.

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Abstract: The notion of a quantum dynamical semigroup is defined using the concept of a completely positive map. An explicit form of a bounded generator of such a semigroup onB(ℋ) is derived. This is a quantum analogue of the Levy-Khinchin formula. As a result the general form of a large class of Markovian quantum-mechanical master equations is obtained.

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Abstract: It is shown that 2+1 dimensional quantum Yang-Mills theory, with an action consisting purely of the Chern-Simons term, is exactly soluble and gives a natural framework for understanding the Jones polynomial of knot theory in three dimensional terms. In this version, the Jones polynomial can be generalized fromS 3 to arbitrary three manifolds, giving invariants of three manifolds that are computable from a surgery presentation. These results shed a surprising new light on conformal field theory in 1+1 dimensions.

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Abstract: Expressions are derived for the mass of a stationary axisymmetric solution of the Einstein equations containing a black hole surrounded by matter and for the difference in mass between two neighboring such solutions. Two of the quantities which appear in these expressions, namely the area A of the event horizon and the “surface gravity” κ of the black hole, have a close analogy with entropy and temperature respectively. This analogy suggests the formulation of four laws of black hole mechanics which correspond to and in some ways transcend the four laws of thermodynamics.

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Abstract: It is shown that the global charges of a gauge theory may yield a nontrivial central extension of the asymptotic symmetry algebra already at the classical level. This is done by studying three dimensional gravity with a negative cosmological constant. The asymptotic symmetry group in that case is eitherR×SO(2) or the pseudo-conformal group in two dimensions, depending on the boundary conditions adopted at spatial infinity. In the latter situation, a nontrivial central charge appears in the algebra of the canonical generators, which turns out to be just the Virasoro central charge.

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