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JournalISSN: 0169-2607

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 

Elsevier BV
About: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine is an academic journal published by Elsevier BV. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Computer science & Medicine. It has an ISSN identifier of 0169-2607. Over the lifetime, 6188 publications have been published receiving 166357 citations.

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TL;DR: A Monte Carlo model of steady-state light transport in multi-layered tissues (MCML) has been coded in ANSI Standard C; therefore, the program can be used on various computers as mentioned in this paper.

2,678 citations

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TL;DR: Kubios HRV is an advanced and easy to use software for heart rate variability (HRV) analysis that includes an adaptive QRS detection algorithm and tools for artifact correction, trend removal and analysis sample selection.

1,841 citations

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TL;DR: The PKSolver provided pharmacokinetic researchers with a fast and easy-to-use tool for routine and basic PK and PD data analysis with a more user-friendly interface and its output could be generated in Microsoft Word in the form of an integrated report.

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TL;DR: This paper presents a parallel-friendly formulation of the free-form deformation algorithm suitable for graphics processing unit execution and performs registration of T1-weighted MR images in less than 1 min and shows the same level of accuracy as a classical serial implementation when performing segmentation propagation.

998 citations

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TL;DR: A versatile resource program was developed for diffusion tensor image (DTI) computation and fiber tracking, based on the Fiber Assignment by Continuous Tracking (FACT) algorithm and a brute-force reconstruction approach.

987 citations

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