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Cuadernos de Economía 

About: Cuadernos de Economía is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Latin Americans & Poverty. Over the lifetime, 1165 publication(s) have been published receiving 6415 citation(s).
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Abstract: This paper assesses the effect of openness on corruption, using foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows as a measure of openness, after trade intensity is accounted for. We use a broad cross section of countries over the period 1970 to 1994 and address the issue of causality with a new set of instrumental variables relying on geographical and cultural distance between the FDI exporting and recipient countries. The economics literature has demonstrated that higher corruption levels discourage FDI. Here we study the reverse link, that is, how foreign direct investment impacts corruption. We find that FDI as a share of GDP is significantly associated with lower corruption levels, irrespective of import intensity levels. The quantitative impact of FDI on corruption appears to be of the same order of magnitude as that of per capita GDP.

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Abstract: ABTRACT We now have over a decade of experience with the privatization, restructuring, regulatory reform, and wholesale and retail competition in electricity sectors around the world. The objectives and design attributes of these reform programs are reviewed. The improvements in sector performance that have been achieved are discussed. The nature and sources of performance problems are also reviewed. Several lessons learned from this experience are identified and their implications for successful ongoing electricity reform initiatives presented. Electricity sector restructuring, regulatory reform and competition initiatives can yield significant consumer benefits when these reforms are designed and implemented well. Applying the lessons learned from recent experience can yield larger consumer benefits in the future.

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Abstract: En este trabajo estimamos el efecto de tratamiento promedio (average treatment effect parameter, ATE) y el efecto del tratamiento en los tratados (treatment on the treated parameter, TT) para aquellos alumnos que escogieron establecimientos subvencionados privados. Debido a que contamos con informacion a nivel individual de los establecimientos y de la familia de origen de los estudiantes, podemos controlar por caracteristicas que no habian sido utilizadas en la literatura previa. Controlando por la autoseleccion de los alumnos en los establecimientos educacionales, encontramos un ATE pequeno y un alto TT. Este ultimo es el parametro de interes convencional utilizado para evaluar este tipo de programas. Se concluye que el sistema de subvenciones es efectivo en proveer una mejor educacion para aquellos alumnos que escogen los establecimientos privados subvencionados

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Abstract: Between 1975 and 2000, annual per-capita GDP in Chile grew at 5%. Yet, regions did not benefit equally: poverty declined significantly in all regions but regional income inequality remained stagnant. We found that convergence in per-capita income and productivity levels is too slow to become a significant force in equalizing regional income. Lack of convergence is mostly associated with low levels of internal migration. This, in turn, is found to be largely the result of government policies, in particular, public housing. The efficient targeting of subsidies coupled with the prohibition to sell houses, tied families to their geographical location, inhibiting migration.

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Abstract: Este trabajo presenta un modelo conceptual y estimaciones empiricas para estudiar los efectos de la competencia que enfrentan los colegios sobre la calidad de la educacion que ofrecen. Los resultados empiricos, obtenidos utilizando informacion para cerca de 5.000 colegios entre 1994 y 1997 y estimaciones robustas a endogeneidad, apoyan las predicciones del modelo teorico y muestran un efecto positivo y economicamente relevante de la competencia en los resultados de los colegios chilenos subvencionados. Esos efectos son relativamente mayores para los colegios particulares subvencionados, que enfrentan incentivos mas directamente relacionados con su desempeno academico.

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