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Educational and Psychological Measurement 

About: Educational and Psychological Measurement is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Test validity & Item response theory. It has an ISSN identifier of 0013-1644. Over the lifetime, 7001 publication(s) have been published receiving 249058 citation(s).
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Jacob Cohen1Institutions (1)
Abstract: CONSIDER Table 1. It represents in its formal characteristics a situation which arises in the clinical-social-personality areas of psychology, where it frequently occurs that the only useful level of measurement obtainable is nominal scaling (Stevens, 1951, pp. 2526), i.e. placement in a set of k unordered categories. Because the categorizing of the units is a consequence of some complex judgment process performed by a &dquo;two-legged meter&dquo; (Stevens, 1958), it becomes important to determine the extent to which these judgments are reproducible, i.e., reliable. The procedure which suggests itself is that of having two (or more) judges independently categorize a sample of units and determine the degree, significance, and

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TL;DR: A survey of available computer programs for factor analytic computations and a analysis of the problems of the application of computers to factor analysis.
Abstract: more stodgy and less exciting application of computers to psychological problems. Let me warn you about how I am going to talk today. I have not conducted a survey of available computer programs for factor analytic computations, nor have I done an analysis of the problems of the application of computers to factor analysis in any way that could be considered scientific. I am saying that I shall ask you to listen to my opinions about the applications of computers to factor

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Abstract: This article reports on the development of a short questionnaire to measure work engagement—a positive work-related state of fulfillment that is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption. ...

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Abstract: This paper reports on a new self-report, Likert-scaled instrument that was designed to assess motivation and use of learning strategies by college students. The motivation scales tap into three broad areas: (1) value (intrinsic and extrinsic goal orientation, task value), (2) expectancy (control beliefs about learning, self-efficacy); and (3) affect (test anxiety). The learning strategies section is comprised of nine scales which can be distinguished as cognitive, metacognitive, and resource management strategies. The cognitive strategies scales include (a) rehearsal, (b) elaboration, (c) organization, and (d) critical thinking. Metacognitive strategies are assessed by one large scale that includes planning, monitoring, and regulating strategies. Resource management strategies include (a) managing time and study environment; (b) effort management, (c) peer learning, and (d) help-seeking. Scale reliabilities are robust, and confirmatory factor analyses demonstrated good factor structure. In addition, the i...

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