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IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 

About: IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Amplifier & Microstrip. It has an ISSN identifier of 0018-9480. Over the lifetime, 19453 publication(s) have been published receiving 689771 citation(s).
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Abstract: We show that microstructures built from nonmagnetic conducting sheets exhibit an effective magnetic permeability /spl mu//sub eff/, which can be tuned to values not accessible in naturally occurring materials, including large imaginary components of /spl mu//sub eff/. The microstructure is on a scale much less than the wavelength of radiation, is not resolved by incident microwaves, and uses a very low density of metal so that structures can be extremely lightweight. Most of the structures are resonant due to internal capacitance and inductance, and resonant enhancement combined with compression of electrical energy into a very small volume greatly enhances the energy density at critical locations in the structure, easily by factors of a million and possibly by much more. Weakly nonlinear materials placed at these critical locations will show greatly enhanced effects raising the possibility of manufacturing active structures whose properties can be switched at will between many states.

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Abstract: A new type of metallic electromagnetic structure has been developed that is characterized by having high surface impedance. Although it is made of continuous metal, and conducts dc currents, it does not conduct ac currents within a forbidden frequency band. Unlike normal conductors, this new surface does not support propagating surface waves, and its image currents are not phase reversed. The geometry is analogous to a corrugated metal surface in which the corrugations have been folded up into lumped-circuit elements, and distributed in a two-dimensional lattice. The surface can be described using solid-state band theory concepts, even though the periodicity is much less than the free-space wavelength. This unique material is applicable to a variety of electromagnetic problems, including new kinds of low-profile antennas.

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B.W. Hakki1, P.D. Coleman1Institutions (1)
Abstract: A novel technique for the measurement of dielectric and magnetic properties of a homogeneous isotropic medium in the range of approximately 3 to 100 kmc is described. An accuracy of /l.chemc/ 1 per cent is possible in the determination of permittivity or permeability in those cases where the loss tangent is sulliciently small. The measuring structure is a resonator made up of a right circular cyndrical dielectric rod placed between two parallel conducting plates. For measurement of permittivity two or more resonant TE/sub onl/ mode frequencies are determined whereas for the measurement of permeability two or more resonant TM/sub onl/ mode frequencies are determined. The dielectric or magnetic properties are computed from the resonance frequencies, structure dimensions, and unloaded Q. Since the loss tangent is inversely proportional to the unloaded Q of the structure, the precision to which Q is measured determines the accuracy of the loss tangent.

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Abstract: A method to determine the small-signal equivalent circuit of FETs is proposed This method consists of a direct determination of both the extrinsic and intrinsic small-signal parameters in a low-frequency band This method is fast and accurate, and the determined equivalent circuit fits the S-parameters well up to 265 GHz >

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Abstract: Recent demonstrations of negative refraction utilize three-dimensional collections of discrete periodic scatterers to synthesize artificial dielectrics with simultaneously negative permittivity and permeability. In this paper, we propose an alternate perspective on the design and function of such materials that exploits the well-known L-C distributed network representation of homogeneous dielectrics. In the conventional low-pass topology, the quantities L and C represent a positive equivalent permeability and permittivity, respectively. However, in the dual configuration, in which the positions of L and C are simply interchanged, these equivalent material parameters assume simultaneously negative values. Two-dimensional periodic versions of these dual networks are used to demonstrate negative refraction and focusing; phenomena that are manifestations of the fact that such media support a propagating fundamental backward harmonic. We hereby present the characteristics of these artificial transmission-line media and propose a suitable means of implementing them in planar form. We then present circuit and full-wave field simulations illustrating negative refraction and focusing, and the first experimental verification of focusing using such an implementation.

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