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JournalISSN: 0306-4379

Information Systems 

Elsevier BV
About: Information Systems is an academic journal published by Elsevier BV. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Computer science & Relational database. It has an ISSN identifier of 0306-4379. Over the lifetime, 2860 publications have been published receiving 76366 citations.

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TL;DR: The definition, characteristics, and classification of big data along with some discussions on cloud computing are introduced, and research challenges are investigated, with focus on scalability, availability, data integrity, data transformation, data quality, data heterogeneity, privacy, legal and regulatory issues, and governance.

2,141 citations

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TL;DR: This paper develops a robust hierarchical clustering algorithm ROCK that employs links and not distances when merging clusters, and indicates that ROCK not only generates better quality clusters than traditional algorithms, but it also exhibits good scalability properties.

1,383 citations

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TL;DR: This review will expose four main components of time-series clustering and is aimed to represent an updated investigation on the trend of improvements in efficiency, quality and complexity of clustering time- series approaches during the last decade and enlighten new paths for future works.

1,235 citations

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TL;DR: In this paper, a new workflow language (YAWL) is proposed based on a rigorous analysis of existing workflow management systems and workflow languages, and a set of workflow patterns are collected.

1,225 citations

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TL;DR: This paper provides a comprehensive literature review on the automated analysis of feature models 20 years after of their invention and presents a conceptual framework to understand the different proposals as well as categorise future contributions.

1,161 citations

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