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International Gas Engineering and Management 

About: International Gas Engineering and Management is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): International business. Over the lifetime, 5 publication(s) have been published receiving 7 citation(s).
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Abstract: Hydrocarbon solubility is a major factor when considering the use of a physical solvent. Quantifying the amount of absorption is critical in order to minimise hydrocarbon losses or to optimise hydrocarbon recovery. Alireza Bahadori from the University of Masjed-Soleiman in Iran describes the development of new simple equations based on laboratory data, which cover the full range of dehydration-plant operating conditions.

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Abstract: Nicolas Pittarello argues that while LNG Would increase security of supply in the UK by reducing the risk of disruption, long lead times for LNG projects mean that they may not be in place in time if the 'Mexican stand-off' continues.

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Abstract: Paul Adams takes a journey through exciting new development in the science and art of understanding what is really going on in your business.

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Abstract: A keynote conference arranged in London by the SBGI and the Department of Trade and Industry saw Brian Wilson MP, Minister of State for Energy and Construction, remind his audience of the importance of the gas industry as a rapidly expanding business in the UK.

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