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Showing papers in "Journal of Innovation in Digital Ecosystems in 2015"

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TL;DR: The imperceptibility and robustness of the watermarking approach are proven and showing perfectly the detection of the tamper zones are proven.

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TL;DR: A new model for securing the transmitted images via wireless network by parsing JPEG bitstream to encrypting both DC and AC coefficients in each 8×8 block of image is developed, preserving low complexity, efficient compression, and robustness to protect the image integrity.

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TL;DR: This research proposes a generic meta-modelling approach called SMSA (Security Meta-model for Software Architecture) for describing a software system as a collection of components that interact through security connectors that is modeled as a UML SMSA profile.

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TL;DR: This paper discusses a refinement technique for processing informal specifications expressed in a literal shape, with the aim to generate formal specifications appropriate to automatic processing.

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TL;DR: A new method for the detection of switching time is proposed for discrete-time linear switched systems, whose switching mechanism is unknown, and uses a clustering and classification approach to define the number of submodels and the data repartition.

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TL;DR: The proposed approach takes into account of replica detail and offers a replica removal policy to avoid waste and for a good management of storage space, and is designed to maintain an updated broad view of the system’s behaviour.

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