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Journal of Rocket Propulsion 

About: Journal of Rocket Propulsion is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Propulsion & Rocket engine. Over the lifetime, 40 publication(s) have been published receiving 49 citation(s).

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Abstract: Inducer is a key component of liquid rocket propulsion system to improve the performance of turbopump.It is well-known that rotating cavitation is harmful to turbopump,and even causes the launch failure of a rocket.Cavitation in cryogenic fluids can produce much latent heat,and has a thermodynamic effect because of thermal imbalance around the cavity.A numerical analysis of cryogenic fluids rotating cavitation in 2D blade cascade in inducer is performed with a mixture model based on Rayleigh-Plesset equation with the thermodynamic effect considered.The results indicate that the inlet pressure will decrease when take into account the thermodynamic effect.Changes in the temperature of liquid hydrogen effect on the super-synchronous rotating cavitation are not obvious, but on the sub-synchronous rotating cavitation are significant

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Abstract: Design method of 2-D curved compression with controlled pressure rise law is used to design a 2-D hypersonic inlet with wide operation range of Ma 2-7 at design point of Ma 6 for RBCC engine.A sweep forward side wall is used to reduce internal contraction ratio of inlet,and air bleeding slots are placed on top wall to expand operation range of inlet below Ma 4.Three dimensional numerical simulation is conducted in the range of Ma 1.5-7.The numerical results show that the new-type 2-D inlet with curved compression has less shock waves,good flow field structure and excellent performance in the range of Ma 4-7.With air bleeding on top wall,it can operate well in the range of Ma 1.5-4,and the air bleeding mass ratio is below 15%.Analysis turns out the curved compression inlet has high performance above Ma 4,but low mass capture capability below Ma 4.

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Abstract: The method of cold flow experiment was used to research the anti-backpressure characteristics of RBCC ejector modal with different configurationsThe wall surface pressure curve in different length of the mixer and different configurations of main rockets is given by measuring the wall static pressureThe anti-backpressure performances of different configurations are analyzedThe Results show that the increase of the mixer length can improve the anti-backpressure performance,but the performance can not be improved significantly;the double main rockets structure can effectively enhance the anti-backpressure abilityThe test shows that the structure of main rocket has an important influence on anti-backpressure performanceThis test provides a reference for the configuration design of RBCC ejector modal

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Abstract: Two welding tests of 1.5 mm 5A06 aluminum alloy plate welded with 1.5 mm L3 aluminum plate and 3 mm 5A06 aluminum alloy-plate with 3 mm 5A06 aluminum alloy plate were conducted by welding method of pulse changing polarity TIG.The influence rule of pulse frequency,basic value current and duty ratio on weld microstructure and mechanical property was researched when other two conditions were unchanged.The research indicates when pulse frequency is 100 Hz,basic value current is 10%~33% of peak value current and duty ratio is 50%~66%,the welded joint possesses good microstructure and mechanical property.

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Abstract: For the pulse width modulation(PWM) high-speed on-off valve of a certain ramjet regulator,a simulation study on the system dynamic characteristics of pressure and flow rate during regulation of high-speed on-off valve was carried out by establishing a dynamic mathematical model of high-speed on-off valve system.The factors that influence the valve dynamic output characteristic were analyzed.The results indicate valve seat diameter,driving frequency and volume of control cavity are the main reasons that influence valve performance.The methods to improve the dynamic performance were provided.A reference is also provided for improving control system accuracy and performance in this paper.

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