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Journal of the American Chemical Society 

About: Journal of the American Chemical Society is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Catalysis & Enantioselective synthesis. It has an ISSN identifier of 0002-7863. Over the lifetime, 185327 publication(s) have been published receiving 11650659 citation(s). The journal is also known as: American Chemical Society. Journal & JACS.

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Abstract: solutions investigated, the absorption index diminishing approximately 1% for a rise in temperature of one degree. 6. In liquid ammonia rough measurements of concentration showed the absorption index to be proportional to the total concentration of metal. 7. In methylamine the absorption index, at the wave length of the band maximum is also proportional to the total concentration of metal. At shorter wave lengths, however, deviations were observed, the absorption increasing more rapidly with concentration than Beers’ law would demand. The ratio of the absorption index a t 650pp to that a t 53opp increases not only with increasing concentration of the metal but also with increasing concentration of the reaction product of the metal with methylamine, and probably also with increasing temperature. 8. These observations can be accounted for by the following hypotheses: The color in all cases is due to electrons combined with the solvent. In ammonia the dissociation of the metal into electrons is nearly complete, and the concentration of electrons uncombine4 with solvent is negligible compared with that of the solvated electrons. In other words, the solvation of the electrons is nearly complete. In methylamine, on the other hand, the concentration of un-ionized metal is no longer negligible and is responsible for the increased absorption a t the shorter wave lengths. The solvation of the electrons in methylamine is incomplete and diminishes as the temperature is increased.

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TL;DR: Two organolead halide perovskite nanocrystals were found to efficiently sensitize TiO(2) for visible-light conversion in photoelectrochemical cells, which exhibit strong band-gap absorptions as semiconductors.
Abstract: Two organolead halide perovskite nanocrystals, CH3NH3PbBr3 and CH3NH3PbI3, were found to efficiently sensitize TiO2 for visible-light conversion in photoelectrochemical cells. When self-assembled on mesoporous TiO2 films, the nanocrystalline perovskites exhibit strong band-gap absorptions as semiconductors. The CH3NH3PbI3-based photocell with spectral sensitivity of up to 800 nm yielded a solar energy conversion efficiency of 3.8%. The CH3NH3PbBr3-based cell showed a high photovoltage of 0.96 V with an external quantum conversion efficiency of 65%.

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Abstract: A new parametric quantum mechanical molecular model, AM1 (Austin Model l), based on the NDDO approximation, is described. In it the major weaknesses of MNDO, in particular failure to reproduce hydrogen bonds, have been overcome without any increase in computing time. Results for 167 molecules are reported. Parameters are currently available for C, H, 0, and N.

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