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Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 

About: Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Baroclinity & Stratosphere. It has an ISSN identifier of 0022-4928. Over the lifetime, 12881 publication(s) have been published receiving 770624 citation(s).
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Abstract: Finite systems of deterministic ordinary nonlinear differential equations may be designed to represent forced dissipative hydrodynamic flow. Solutions of these equations can be identified with trajectories in phase space For those systems with bounded solutions, it is found that nonperiodic solutions are ordinarily unstable with respect to small modifications, so that slightly differing initial states can evolve into consider­ably different states. Systems with bounded solutions are shown to possess bounded numerical solutions.

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Abstract: A two-dimensional version of the Pennsylvania State University mesoscale model has been applied to Winter Monsoon Experiment data in order to simulate the diurnally occurring convection observed over the South China Sea. The domain includes a representation of part of Borneo as well as the sea so that the model can simulate the initiation of convection. Also included in the model are parameterizations of mesoscale ice phase and moisture processes and longwave and shortwave radiation with a diurnal cycle. This allows use of the model to test the relative importance of various heating mechanisms to the stratiform cloud deck, which typically occupies several hundred kilometers of the domain. Frank and Cohen's cumulus parameterization scheme is employed to represent vital unresolved vertical transports in the convective area. The major conclusions are: Ice phase processes are important in determining the level of maximum large-scale heating and vertical motion because there is a strong anvil componen...

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Abstract: Wind and temperature profiles for a wide range of stability conditions have been analyzed in the context of Monin-Obukhov similarity theory. Direct measurements of heat and momentum fluxes enabled determination of the Obukhov length L, a key independent variable in the steady-state, horizontally homogeneous, atmospheric surface layer. The free constants in several interpolation formulas can be adjusted to give excellent fits to the wind and temperature gradient data. The behavior of the gradients under neutral conditions is unusual, however, and indicates that von Karman's constant is ∼0.35, rather than 0.40 as usually assumed, and that the ratio of eddy diffusivities for heat and momentum at neutrality is ∼1.35, compared to the often-suggested value of 1.0. The gradient Richardson number, computed from the profiles, and the Obukhov stability parameter z/L, computed from the measured fluxes, are found to be related approximately linearly under unstable conditions. For stable conditions the Richar...

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Abstract: Nearly ten years of daily rawinsonde data for Canton Island (3S, 172W) have been subjected to spectrum and cross-spectrum analysis. In the course of this analysis a very pronounced maximum was noted in the co-spectrum of the 850- and 150-mb zonal wind components in the frequency range 0.0245–0.0190 day−1 (41–53 days period). Application of a posteriori sampling theory resulted in a significance level of ∼6% (0.1% prior confidence level). This type of significance test is appropriate because no prior evidence or reason existed for expecting such a spectral feature. Subsequent analysis revealed the following structure of the oscillation. Peaks in the variance spectra of the zonal wind are strong in the low troposphere, are weak or non-existent in the 700–400 mb layer, and are strong again in the upper troposphere. No evidence of this feature could be found above 80 mb, or in any of the spectra of the meridional component. The spectrum of station pressure possesses a peak in this frequency range and...

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