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Leather and Chemicals 

About: Leather and Chemicals is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Wastewater & Acrylic acid. Over the lifetime, 70 publication(s) have been published receiving 95 citation(s).

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Abstract: The application,working principles and characteristics of SBR process are summarized.SBR process is especially suitable to treat tannery wastewater owing to its simplicity,to its operating flexibility,to low capital expenditure and high salt load.The engineering practice show good effect can be received by using SBR process to treat tannery wastewater.It is also pointed out that with the research and development of SBR system,it will be a competitive wastewater treatment process and its future application in the treatment of tannery wastewater will be widely popularized.

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Abstract: The application advances of collagen and polypeptides in the fields as biology, medicine, food, cosmetic, feed, fertilizer, chemicals , etc. were summarized in this paper. Along with the biological functions and other properties are understood gradually, the studies on application of collagen are becoming a hot spot. The exploitation of new biological products using animal hides will greatly increase their additional values and have a good foreground.

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Abstract: Leather coated with low viscous adhesion agent coated was prepared by using oxidation combined with carboxymethylationThe effect of dosage of reactant,reaction time,temperature and rotate speed of agitator on the viscosity of carboxymethyl oxidation corn starch were studiedThe results indicated that the viscosity of product decreased dramatically with the increasing of the dosage of H2O2 and catalyst,and increasing of the reaction temperature,but increased rapidly with the increasing starch dosage and rotate speed of agitatorThe dosage of borax and CH2ClCOOH have no influence on viscosityThe viscosity of product increased rapidly as the reaction time was much smaller than 60 min,and declined sharply in this rage from 60 to 180 min of time,then low after 180min

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HE You-jie1
Abstract: The water quality characteristics of tannery wastewater were introduced in this paper.The properties,effective mechanisms of different types of the flocculants,their research development and the application prospects in tannery effluent treatment are discussed in detail.

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Abstract: Compared with several common fat-liquoring agents,the flame retardant properties of soybean oil foots phosphate after fatliquoring were studied by limited oxygen and vertical combustion.The results showed that flame retardant effects on leather could be ranged as: fish oil rapeseed oil lecithin SCF soybean oil foots phosphate.The synthetic phosphate fat-liquoring agent showed good flame retardant properties.Flame resistance mechanisms of leather with the phosphate were discussed elementarily.

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