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Listy Filologicke 

About: Listy Filologicke is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Vision & Reception theory. Over the lifetime, 9 publication(s) have been published receiving 30 citation(s).
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Abstract: Modern scholarship on the famous Passio Perpetuae et Felicitatis (Pass. Perp.) is vast.1 The text has attracted attention on account of many aspects, such as its complex composition, its relevance for social and religious history, its reports on visions, and above all as a lively por trait of two young Christian female martyrs from Carthage in A.D. 203. Notably, Perpetua's first person account of her stay in prison previous to her execution (chapters 3-10), and another first person account by Satu rus (chs. 11-13) have solicited many scholarly comments. There is, how

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Abstract: L'A. etudie l'interpretation phenomenologique de la doctrine platonicienne de l'âme par J. Patocka, ou l'âme est definie comme mouvement de soi(τo αυτo eαυτo kινου~ν). A travers cette conception tardive de l'âme comme principe moteur culmine selon J. Patocka le plus ancien projet de constitution d'une science de l'etre de l'existence humaine, fondee sur la dialectique de l'âme, et developpee au niveau d'une systematique ontologique et cosmologique

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Abstract: Review of recent book of R.May, Apuleius and Drama (Oxford Univ. Press 2006) devoted to connection of author and theatre

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Abstract: Clanek se zabýva vývojem turnajů v ceských zemich od prvni poloviny 13. stoleti do konce vlady Vaclava II. Rovněž zohledňuje jejich propojeni s různými slavnostnimi okamžiky jako např. svatbami, korunovacemi ci ritualem pasovani.

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