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Physics Letters A 

About: Physics Letters A is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Electron & Magnetic field. Over the lifetime, 47824 publication(s) have been published receiving 790461 citation(s).
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M. Julliere1Institutions (1)
08 Sep 1975-Physics Letters A
Abstract: FeGeCo junctions conductance G(V) is studied when mean magnetizations of the two ferromagnetic film are parrallel or antiparallel. Conductance measurement, in these two cases, is related to the spin polarizations of the conduction electrons.

3,138 citations

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Otto E. Rössler1Institutions (1)
12 Jul 1976-Physics Letters A
Abstract: A prototype equation to the Lorenz model of turbulence contains just one (second-order) nonlinearity in one variable. The flow in state space allows for a “folded” Poincare map (horseshoe map). Many more natural and artificial systems are governed by this type of equation.

3,079 citations

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25 Nov 1996-Physics Letters A
Abstract: We provide necessary and sufficient conditions for the separability of mixed states. As a result we obtain a simple criterion of the separability for 2 × 2 and 2 × 3 systems. Here, the positivity of the partial transposition of a state is necessary and sufficient for its separability. However, this is not the case in general. Some examples of mixtures which demonstrate the utility of the criterion are considered.

2,821 citations

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Kestutis Pyragas1Institutions (1)
23 Nov 1992-Physics Letters A
Abstract: Two methods of chaos control with a small time continuous perturbation are proposed. The stabilization of unstable periodic orbits of a chaotic system is achieved either by combined feedback with the use of a specially designed external oscillator, or by delayed self-controlling feedback without using of any external force. Both methods do not require an a priori analytical knowledge of the system dynamics and are applicable to experiment. The delayed feedback control does not require any computer analyses of the system and can be particularly convenient for an experimental application.

2,814 citations

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12 Nov 1990-Physics Letters A
Abstract: For Hamiltonian systems of the form H = T(p)+V(q) a method is shown to construct explicit and time reversible symplectic integrators of higher order. For any even order there exists at least one symplectic integrator with exact coefficients. The simplest one is the 4th order integrator which agrees with one found by Forest and by Neri. For 6th and 8th orders, symplectic integrators with fewer steps are obtained, for which the coefficients are given by solving a set of simultaneous algebraic equations numerically.

1,906 citations

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