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Studies in Inorganic Chemistry 

About: Studies in Inorganic Chemistry is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Sulfur & Molybdenum. It has an ISSN identifier of 0169-3158. Over the lifetime, 104 publication(s) have been published receiving 1473 citation(s).

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TL;DR: In this article, the relationship between spin doublets and a nuclear spin has been studied, and the effect of spin quadrupole and nuclear Zeeman effects on spin doublet interactions with an applied magnetic field has been discussed.
Abstract: Preface. 1. The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Experiment. 2. Spin Doublets in an Applied Magnetic Field: A Qualitative Treatment. 3. The Quantitative Description of the Spectra from Spin Doublets Interacting with an Applied Magnetic Field Only. 4. The Spectra from Spin Doublets Interacting with a Nuclear Spin: A Qualitative Treatment. 5. Spectra of Spin Doublets Interacting with a Nuclear Spin: A Quantitative Treatment. 6. Nuclear Quadrupole and Nuclear Zeeman Effects in Spin Doublets. 7. Spectrum Simulation for Spin Doublets. 8. Metal Ions in Cubic and Axial Ligand Fields. 9. The Relationship between the Spin-Hamiltonian Parameters and the Electronic Structures of Spin Doublet Paramagnets. 10. Paramagnets with S > 1 / 2 . 11. Monomeric Spin Triplets: Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects. 12. Monomeric Spin Quartet Paramagnets. 13. Monomeric Spin Quintets: Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects. 14. Monomeric Spin Sextet Paramagnets. 15. Polynuclear Transition Metal Compounds. 16. Simulation of Spectra for Paramagnets with Multiple Unpaired Electrons. 17. Extended Electron Exchange in Crystals. 18. Relaxation, Linewidths, Determination of Concentrations, and Microwave Power Saturation. Appendices. Some physical properties of selected solvents. Physical constants and conversion factors. Spin-Hamiltonians, operator equivalents and some relationships between angular momentum operators. Direction cosines and transformation of axes. Some useful mathematical relationships. Some properties of nuclei with non-zero nuclear spin and hyperfine interactions parameters. Polar coordinates, Cartesian coordinates, wavefunctions, orbitals. Determinantal wavefunctions. Inter-electron repulsion calculations. The effect of operators such as Rdelta / deltax . Dipole-dipole interactions and the point-dipole approximations. Expanded FIR diagrams for S=1, 1, 3 / 2 , 2, 5 / 2 , 3, 7 / 2 , 4, 9 / 2 . Mean values of functions and the methods of moments. Subject and Keyword Index. Chemical Index.

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TL;DR: A wide range of heterocyclic sulfur-nitrogen and seleniumnitrogen radicals have been characterized in recent years as discussed by the authors, and the potential use of these radicals as building blocks for low-dimensional molecular conductors is outlined.
Abstract: A wide range of heterocyclic sulfur-nitrogen and selenium-nitrogen radicals have been characterized in recent years. Synthetic routes to these materials are summarized, and the modes of association which they exhibit in the solid state are illustrated. The potential use of these radicals as building blocks for low-dimensional molecular conductors is outlined, and some strategies for generating specific solid state architectures are explored. Recent attempts to prepare conductive materials from custom-built bifunctional 1, 2, 3, 5-dithia- and diselenadiazolyls are described.

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