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About: Theoria is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Politics & Democracy. It has an ISSN identifier of 0040-5825. Over the lifetime, 1788 publications have been published receiving 15804 citations.

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A. Olding1
11 Feb 2008-Theoria

848 citations

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01 Dec 1966-Theoria

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11 Feb 2008-Theoria

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11 Feb 2008-Theoria

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01 Jan 2013-Theoria
TL;DR: In this article, a short informal discussion of the behaviour of 'now' in English is given, which is closely related to the article "Now" by professor A. N. Prior (1968).
Abstract: This paper is about the word 'now'. It is closely related to the article "Now" by professor A. N. Prior (1968). In that article Prior gives an extensive, and undoubtedly correct analysis of the semantical function of the word 'now' in ordinary discourse. This paper gives a short informal discussion of the behaviour of 'now' in English. In this paper, the professor nonetheless consider besides 'now' only operators of a purely temporal nature. The results presented in this paper apply to arbitrary axiom systems. The word 'now' may suggest that, even if the word is not vacuous, its semantical behaviour is too simple to justify a formal analysis. However, it turns out that a proper treatment of 'now' together with the other temporal operators which is not totally trivial, as the semantics developed earlier for these operators cannot be extended in an entirely automatic manner so as to cover 'now'. Keywords:axiom systems; formal properties; now

291 citations

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