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An Integral Relationship for Boundary Layer Flow

L G. Whitehead
- 01 Jan 1949 - 
- Vol. 21, Iss: 1, pp 14-16
In this paper, the problem was reduced to that of the construction and solution of two equations governing the variation of these parameters around the surface of the cylinder considered, and the second condition was selected.
AN approximate solution of the boundary layer equations recently completed involved the assumption of a velocity profile through the boundary layerdepending on two parameters. As a result the problem was reduced to that of the construction and solution of two equations governing the variation of these parameters around the surface of the cylinder considered. Earlier solutions, such as Pohlhauscn's, have made use of a single parameter only and have employed Karman's momentum integral for its determination, but the additional, parameter now introduced necessitates the use of a further equation. It is the purpose of the present note to discuss and illustrate the properties of the second condition that was selected.

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