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Analysis of water droplet initiated discharges on silicone rubber insulating material adopting Hilbert huang transform

01 Sep 2017-pp 589-592

Abstract: Water droplet residing on surface of roughened silicone rubber generates corona activity at much lower voltage compared with the virgin specimen. An increase in conductivity of water droplet, under AC voltage, shows a reduction in corona inception. Further, a combination of time series analysis and fractal feature extraction techniques are used to classify the different phases that occurs on application of AC voltage to the water droplet sitting on silicone rubber specimen, in the electrode gap. The fractal dimension and the lacunarity were calculated using the 2D Hilbert energy spectrum obtained with leakage current measured during water droplet initiated discharges, shows inverse relationship.
Topics: Silicone rubber (57%), Natural rubber (51%)
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Norden E. Huang1, Zheng Shen2, Steven R. Long3, Man-Li C. Wu1  +5 moreInstitutions (8)
Abstract: A new method for analysing nonlinear and non-stationary data has been developed. The key part of the method is the empirical mode decomposition method with which any complicated data set can be dec...

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"Analysis of water droplet initiated..." refers methods in this paper

  • ...After performing the Hilbert transform on each IMF component, the data can be expressed as a real part [8]...


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Abstract: Since the porous nature of coal is important in its handling, preparation, and utilization, much effort is expended in the measurement of the pore size distribution. Recent work has shown that fractal geometry provides a useful description of porous surfaces by characterizing the pore size distribution over a range of pore sizes by a single number, the fractal dimension D. This paper describes measurements of the pore volume Vp, of a number of coal and char samples by mercury intrusion porosimetry. The fractal dimension was determined from the relation dV p dP ∝ P D−4 , where P is the pressure. For the coals, three pressure regimes are indicated by distinct values of D; in order of increasing pressure, these correspond to interparticle penetration, pore penetration, and sample compressibility. The region of pore penetration extends to the highest measured pressures for the chars, which are known to be less compressible. Fractal dimensions for the porous surfaces range from ∼2.6 for some coals to ≲3 for the chars.

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"Analysis of water droplet initiated..." refers background in this paper

  • ...Self-similar objects, to which fractal theory can be adopted [9]....


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J.F. Hall1Institutions (1)
Abstract: A history of polymeric insulators is given, beginning in the 1940s when organic insulating materials were used to manufacture high-voltage indoor electrical insulators from epoxy resins Their advantages and early experiences with them are given A bibliography covering mainly 1970 to the present is given >

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Stanislaw Gubanski1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Because modern society is strongly dependent on a reliable power supply, there is an urgent need to develop more reliable high voltage insulators. While porcelain and glass have dominated insulator materials for a long period of time, there is renewed interest in polymeric and semiconducting glaze insulators. This paper provides a brief description of composite insulators, including a discussion of their benefits, aging of housing materials, and brittle fracture phenomenon. The paper also discusses the benefits of using insulators with semiconducting glaze surfaces, and identifies four broad issues that are being addressed by the present research on outdoor insulation.

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"Analysis of water droplet initiated..." refers background in this paper

  • ...Deposition of impurity and discrete water droplet on the surface of silicone rubber causes the corona inception and leakage current to flow through it leading to the formation of hot spot, carbonisation, finally tracking leading to the failure of insulation structure [4]....


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L. Satish1, W.S. Zaengl1Institutions (1)
TL;DR: Preliminary results of a study are reported, wherein the 3-d PD pattern surface was considered to be a fractal, and the computed fractal features were analyzed and found to possess fairly reasonable pattern discriminating abilities.
Abstract: Fractals have been used extensively to provide a description and to model mathematically many of the naturally occurring sampler shapes, such as coastlines, mountain ranges, clouds, etc., and have also received increased attention in the field of image processing, for purposes of segmentation and recognition of regions and objects present in natural scenes. Among the numerous fractal features that could be defined and used for an image surface, fractal dimension and lacunarity have been found to be useful for recognition purposes. Partial discharges (PD) occurring in all HV insulation systems is a very complex phenomenon, and more so are the shapes of the various 3-d patterns obtained during routine tests and measurements. It has been fairly well established that these pattern shapes and underlying defects causing PD have a 1:1 correspondence, and therefore methods to describe and quantify these pattern shapes must be explored, before recognition systems based on them could be developed. This contribution reports preliminary results of such a study, wherein the 3-d PD pattern surface was considered to be a fractal, and the computed fractal features (fractal dimension and lacunarity) were analyzed and found to possess fairly reasonable pattern discriminating abilities. This new approach appears promising, and further research is essential before any long-term predictions can be made. >

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