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Art poëtique, notions et problèmes de métrique

The article was published on 1995-01-01 and is currently open access. It has received 16 citations till now.

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Meter in poetry

TL;DR: MIP as discussed by the authors provides a unified account of the meters used in the world's poetic traditions and provides a general framework within which to characterize the various ways in which lines are measured and patterned.

Do children's rhymes reveal universal metrical patterns?

Andy Arleo
TL;DR: A revised version of a Hypothesis of Metrical Symmetry (HMS) for children's rhymes, first formulated in Arleo (1997), is presented in this article.
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Accent et syllabe dans les vers français: une synthèse possible?

TL;DR: In this paper, a comparative analysis of prose/vers démontre que, dans les vers, the distribution des accents internes, ainsi que celle des voyelles atones, is sujette à contrainte; cette analyse fournit aussi des indications sur le statut linguistique du contre-accent in français.
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Chaucer's Pentameter: Linguistics, Statistics, and History

TL;DR: The authors analyzed Chaucer's pentameter line and found that it owes more to the Italian endecasillabo than the French vers de dix, and that Chaucer molded Middle English words and phrases to meet the iambic norm of the Modern English long line canon.