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Aspect ratio-based formulation for far-field characterization of single-mode trapezoidal index fibers

01 Apr 2017-Optical Engineering (SPIE)-Vol. 56, Iss: 4, pp 046106-046106

Abstract: We present simple and complete empirical relations to predict the angle of beam divergence in terms of normalized frequency and aspect ratio of a single-mode trapezoidal index fiber. This is done for the far-field characterization over a long range of normalized frequencies without the calculation of normalized spot sizes. On comparison, we observe an excellent match of our results with exact values establishing the validity of our formulation. The formulation should attract attention as a simple alternative to the rigorous methods of estimating the angle of beam divergence for such fibers. It can be widely used by system users and developers for much better control over far-field related calculations and experiments.
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01 Jan 2018-Optik
Abstract: Based on the splice loss analysis between two perfectly aligned single mode step and trapezoidal index fibers, we propose a simple empirical relation of power transmission coefficient in terms of normalised frequency and aspect ratio, using a recently reported Marcuse type formulation of spot size for trapezoidal index fiber. The relation is verified, after comparison with standard results from basic equations. Our empirical relation should find wide use by the system users to predict power transmission coefficient for known opto-geometrical parameters without the knowledge of spot size. Also, a simple graphical technique to predict an unknown aspect ratio of a trapezoidal index fiber is suggested and justified.

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Titas Das1, Jayee Sinha1, Somenath Sarkar1Institutions (1)
01 Oct 2018-Optik
Abstract: We investigate the effect of Kerr nonlinearity on the angle of beam divergence of single-mode trapezoidal index fibers from its linear and nonlinear values. From comparison of angle of beam divergence in presence and absence of Kerr nonlinearity, the nonlinear effect for each aspect ratio is observed to be more profound in lower values of normalized frequency. Moreover, the triangular index profile supersedes the other index profiles in respect of relative change of angle of beam divergence. It should give the system users and developers a much better control over far-field related calculations and can be widely used for experiments in presence of optical nonlinearity.

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Titas Das1, Somenath Sarkar1Institutions (1)
01 Jan 2020-Optik
Abstract: To characterize far-field of a solid-core photonic crystal fiber (PCF), we present simple empirical relations for angle of beam divergence of PCF only depending on the opto-geometrical parameters like wavelength of the light used and the two structural parameters – the air hole diameter and the hole pitch. We validate the accuracy of the proposed expressions by comparing the empirical relations with the results of exact values. We can easily evaluate the far-field properties of PCFs through the empirical relations without the need for numerical computations of V parameter or spot size or the effective cladding index.

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