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1st August, 1970

The Market for “Lemons”: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism
Raman Spectrum of Graphite
Improved procedures for clearing roots and staining parasitic and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for rapid assessment of infection.
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
A classification of hand preference by association analysis.
Generalized Inverses, Ridge Regression, Biased Linear Estimation, and Nonlinear Estimation
The solubility of nitrogen, oxygen and argon in water and seawater
Environmental Repercussions And The Economic Structure: An Input-Output Approach
Selection and covariance.
The psychophysiological basis of introversion-extraversion
Human bone marrow colony growth in agar-gel.
An analysis of the sequences of the variable regions of bence jones proteins and myeloma light chains and their implications for antibody complementarity
Analysis and Evaluation of a Method of Measuring the Complex Permittivity and Permeability Microwave Insulators
River flow forecasting through conceptual models part III - The Ray catchment at Grendon Underwood
Anticoccidial drugs: lesion scoring techniques in battery and floor-pen experiments with chickens.
A general method for analysis of covariance structures
Ribosomal proteins. VII. Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for fingerprinting of ribosomal proteins.
Receptor activity and turnover of dopamine and noradrenaline after neuroleptics.
Procedure for the histochemical demonstration of actomyosin ATPase.
Absorption edge and internal electric fields in amorphous semiconductors
Smoking and health.
Orientations to seeking professional help: development and research utility of an attitude scale.
Relationship of job characteristics to job involvement, satisfaction, and intrinsic motivation
Molecular orbital theory of the electronic structure of organic compounds. V. Molecular theory of bond separation
Hemispheric specialization for speech perception.
Sorting things out.
The microvascular pattern of the rotator cuff
Gas‐Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry in Methylation Analysis of Polysaccharides
Neuromuscular transmission in new‐born rats
An electrophoretic study of the low-molecular-weight components of myosin.
The Child Savers: The Invention of Delinquency.
Perception and memory for pictures: Single-trial learning of 2500 visual stimuli
Integrality of stimulus dimensions in various types of information processing
Junction lasers which operate continuously at room temperature
Possible Species of Ferromagnetic, Ferroelectric, and Ferroelastic Crystals
Varicocele size and results of varicocelectomy in selected subfertile men with varicocele.
Estimation of human body surface area from height and weight
High Temperature Flow of Dunite and Peridotite
Accommodation of Misfit Across the Interface Between Crystals of Semiconducting Elements or Compounds
The effect of amiodarone, a new anti‐anginal drug, on cardiac muscle
Leaf enlargement and metabolic rates in corn, soybean, and sunflower at various leaf water potentials.
Towards a Psychology of Being
Methylene blue absorption by clay minerals. determination of surface areas and cation exchange capacities (clay-organic studies xviii)
Axon growth: roles of microfilaments and microtubules
Axon caliber related to neurofilaments and microtubules in sciatic nerve fibers of rats and mice.
Definition of a Continuous Human Cell Line Derived from Neuroblastoma
Etiology and pathogenesis of traumatic dental injuries A clinical study of 1,298 cases
Extended dipole model for aggregates of dye molecules
Rare earth elements and the island arc tholeiitic series
A practical difference scheme for Fokker-Planck equations☆
Success, failure, attention, and reaction to others: The warm glow of success.
Quantum Defect Theory of l Uncoupling in H 2 as an Example of Channel-Interaction Treatment
Signal detection theory and human memory.
Comparison between observed and simulated wind-generated inertial oscillations
Planar tetracoordinate carbon
Renal failure in the patient with cirrhosis: The role of active vasoconstriction
Lymphosarcoma: virus-induced thymic-independent disease in mice.
Alcohol and Depression
A third class of anti-arrhythmic action: Effects on atrial and ventricular intracellular potentials, and other pharmacological actions on cardiac muscle, of MJ 1999 and AH 3474
Compton Scattering of X Rays from Bound Electrons
Nonexponential Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation by Quadrupole Interactions
The Domestication and Exploitation of Plants and Animals.
A duality for symmetric spaces with applications to group representations
On finite population sampling theory under certain linear regression models
Production of Crime Rates
ASME boiler and pressure vessel codeの許容応力の改訂
Enhancement of Wall Loosening and Elongation by Acid Solutions
Viscous interactions in Brownian coagulation
On Hidden Variables and Quantum Mechanical Probabilities
Systems with negative specific heat.
Effects of clear-cutting on stream temperature.
Histogenesis of cortical layers in human cerebellum, particularly the lamina dissecans
Recent advances in the chemistry of electronically excited atoms
Evolution of higher-organism DNA
Evolution in closely adjacent plant populations VIII. Clinal patterns at a mine boundary
Diminished bile acid pool size in patients with gallstones.
Surface elastic waves
Solid State Surface Science
General Lattice Model of Phase Transitions
A simplified method for measuring infant temperament.
Water Potential Gradients in Field Tobacco
The strength of the menisci of the knee as it relates to their fine structure
Decay of Solutions of Systems of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
SUPERIOR MIGRATION OF THE HUMERAL HEAD: A Radiological Aid in the Diagnosis of Tears of the Rotator Cuff
High precision determination of titration alkalinity and total carbon dioxide content of sea water by potentiometric titration
A finite element formulation for problems of large strain and large displacement
The Generation of Ultrahigh Hydrostatic Pressures by a Split Sphere Apparatus
Fibre bundles associated with space-time☆
Alcoholism: III. Diagnosis and Familial Psychiatric Illness in 259 Alcoholic Probands
Contraction Times and Fibre Types in Intact Human Muscle
Tissue interactions in embryonic mouse tooth germs: II. The inductive role of the dental papilla
Differential response to chlorpromazine, imipramine, and placebo. A study of subgroups of hospitalized depressed patients.
The differential effects of unilateral lid closure upon the monocular and binocular segments of the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in the cat
Vascular Disease in Progressive Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma)
The structure of vitreous boron oxide
Geminal poly(1-pyrazolyl)alkanes and their coordination chemistry
A computer study of finite-amplitude water waves
Semantic processing of unattended messages using dichotic listening.
The relationship between two apparently different enterotoxins produced by enteropathogenic strains of Escherichia coli of porcine origin.
Is the gene the unit of selection
Chemie der Pflanzenschutz- und Schädlingsbekämpfungsmittel
Alkaline Storage Batteries
Monosynaptic chemical and electrical connexions between sensory and motor cells in the central nervous system of the leech
The Generalized Complementarity Problem.
Physiological and morphological properties of motoneurones in the central nervous system of the leech.
Genetical studies on resistance to Potato viruses X and Y.
Contributions to Non‐Equilibrium Thermodynamics. I. Theory of Hydrodynamical Fluctuations
The increasing incidence of central nervous system leukemia in children. (Children's cancer study group a)
Modulation of food intake and locomotor activity in female rats by diencephalic hormone implants.
Effects of interstimulus interval length and variability on startle-response habituation in the rat.
Management by Objectives
Spectral transformations for digital filters
Perceived Risk in Mail-Order and Retail Store Buying:
Downslope Soil Movement in a Colorado Alpine Region: Rates, Processes, and Climatic Significance
The Effects of a Normative Intervention on Group Decision-Making Performance
Aftershocks of the 1966 Parkfield-Cholame, California, earthquake: A detailed study
Temperature Dependence of the Transport Properties of Gallium Arsenide Determined by a Monte Carlo Method
Sarcoplasmic reticulum. IX. The permeability of sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes.
The effect of physical training on insulin production in obesity
The Causes of Racial Disturbances: A Comparison of Alternative Explanations
Effect of therapeutic temperatures on tendon extensibility.
Faradaic Impedances: Diffusion Impedance and Reaction Impedance
A new virus in a spontaneous mammary tumor of a rhesus monkey.
A Rapid Quenching Technique for the Preparation of Thin Uniform Films of Amorphous Solids
The hardening of crystals by non-deforming particles and fibres
Influence of training and of inactivity on muscle strength
Primary adult lactose intolerance and the milking habit : a problem in biologic and cultural interrelations II. A culture historical hypothesis
Palynological evidence on early differentiation of angiosperms
Luxation of permanent teeth due to trauma A clinical and radiographic follow‐up study of 189 injured teeth
Memory and the theory of signal detection.
Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria: Evidence for Monoclonal Origin of Abnormal Red Cells
Syntectonic Recrystallization of Olivine and Modes of Flow in the Upper Mantle
A time-dependent methodology for fault tree evaluation
The distribution of collagen in human articular cartilage with some of its physiological implications.
Generalized2 sequential machine maps
Dural arteriovenous shunts in the region of the cavernous sinus
Elicitation of moral obligation and self-sacrificing behavior: An experimental study of volunteering to be a bone marrow donor.
Observations on the change in shape of blood platelets brought about by adenosine diphosphate.
The neural ectodermal origin of the peptide-secreting endocrine glands: A unifying concept for the etiology of multiple endocrine adenomatosis and the inappropriate secretion of peptide hormones by nonendocrine tumors
Latitude Dependence of the Angular Dispersion of the Geomagnetic Field
Social and Political Participation of Blacks
Absorption and Elimination of Carbon Monoxide by Inactive Young Men
Blood fibrinolytic activity in man. Diurnal variation and the response to varying intensities of exercise.
Carrier function in anti-hapten immune responses. I. Enhancement of primary and secondary anti-hapten antibody responses by carrier preimmunization.
Where long-range planning pays off Findings of a survey of formal, informal planners
Giant hemangiomas of the liver.
Differing Sensitivity of Photosynthesis to Low Leaf Water Potentials in Corn and Soybean
Pancreozymin bioassay in man based on pancreatic enzyme secretion: potency of specific amino acids and other digestive products
The Demand for Automobiles
Absorption and Multiple Scattering by Biological Suspensions
Cardiac arrhythmias during anesthesia and operation.
Molecular orbital theory of the electronic structure of organic compounds. IV. Internal rotation in hydrocarbons using a minimal Slater-type basis
External Economies of Scale and Competitive Equilibrium
Noise in solid-state devices and lasers
Why Stepdown Procedures in Variable Selection
Studies on colony formation in vitro by mouse bone marrow cells. II. Action of colony stimulating factor
Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of salivary gland origin. Classification, clinical‐pathologic correlation, and results of treatment
The importance of erythrocyte deformability.
Age, Cohorts and the Generation of Generations
Estrogen treatment for cancer of the prostate. Early results with 3 doses of diethylstilbestrol and placebo
A Questionnaire Measure of Achievement Motivation
The Virial Coefficients of Gases
Effect of hypoxia on trophoblast in organ culture: A morphologic and autoradiographic study☆
The origin of personality.
Pore-size distribution in typical adsorbent systems
Cyclic carboxylic monoimides
Selective outgrowth of fimbriate bacteria in static liquid medium.
Quantitative estimation of diphenylhydantoin, primidone and phenobarbital in plasma by gas-liquid chromatography.
Analysis of a functional change in membrane in the process of cell transformation by Rous sarcoma virus; alteration in the characteristics of sugar transport.
Pair correlations in a ferromagnetic colloid
The Representation of Functionals of Brownian Motion by Stochastic Integrals
Safety factors and the probability distribution of soil strength
The basic trypsin inhibitor of bovine pancreas. I. Structure analysis and conformation of the polypeptide chain.
Enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in the developing endosperm of maize.
On the representation and retrieval of stored semantic information
Thermal Effects in a Nd:YAG Laser
Whistler observations of the interchange of ionization between the ionosphere and the protonosphere
Distraction Increases Yielding to Propaganda by Inhibiting Counterarguing.
Temporal Relationships Among Prices on Commodity Futures Markets: Their Allocative and Stabilizing Roles
Respiratory gases of synovial fluids: An approach to synovial tissue circulatory-metabolic imbalance in rheumatoid arthritis
Role of the pericyte in wound healing: An ultrastructural study☆
Suppression of Stomatal Opening in Leaves Treated with Abscisic Acid
On the determination of a lattice contraction in very small silver particles
Human maternal behavior at the first contact with her young
Piezoelectric Properties of Dry and Wet Bone
Electron microscope studies of sperm incorporation into the golden hamster egg.
Stimulus value role: A theory of marital choice.
Nuclear membranes from mammalian liver. I. Isolation procedure and general characterization.
On generality and problem solving: a case study using the DENDRAL program
The role of brain dopamine in behavioral regulation and the actions of psychotropic drugs.
The Ultrastructural Architecture of the Walls of Some Hyphal Fungi
Requirement of Adenosine 3′, 5′-Cyclic Phosphate for Flagella Formation in Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium
An electron microscope investigation of the microstructure in an aluminium-zinc-magnesium alloy
Pseudoboiling Heat Transfer to Supercritical Pressure Water in Smooth and Ribbed Tubes
An Essay on Liberation
Model study of plasmapause motion
δ-Aminolevulinic acid dehydrase as a measure of lead exposure.
A geometrical picture of anisotropic elastic tensors
Empirical correlation between nuclear conformation and certain fluorescence and absorption characteristics of aromatic compounds
The growth of hydroxyapatite crystals
A comparative study of shade-matching procedures.
Heart-reactive antibody associated with rheumatic fever: characterization and diagnostic significance
The blood supply of experimental liver metastases. II. A microcirculatory study of the normal and tumor vessels of the liver with the use of perfused silicone rubber.
The use and interpretation of ponderal index and other weight-height ratios in epidemiological studies
Occurrence of Finite‐Amplitude Surface Waves on Falling Liquid Films
Precambrian micro‐organisms and evolutionary events prior to the origin of vascular plants
Cleavage rate of mouse embryos in vivo and in vitro
Physiological role of lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase.
Binding of aldolase and triosephosphate dehydrogenase to F-actin and modification of catalytic properties of aldolase.
Direct estimates of the apparent duration of a flash.
Standards for Birthweight at Gestation Periods from 32 to 42 weeks, Allowing for Maternal Height and Weight
Excess Electrons in Polar Solvents
Association of ectrodactyly, ectodermal dysplasia, and cleft lip-palate.
Experimental Amblyopia in Monkeys: I. Behavioral Studies of Stimulus Deprivation Amblyopia
Information Processing Models of Consumer Behavior
Nonfermentative Bacilli Associated with Man: III. Pathogenicity and Antibiotic Susceptibility
Ethanol as the primary attractant for the ambrosia beetle trypodendron lineatum (coleoptera: scolytidae)
Teacher Education Programs.
Audibility curve of the chinchilla
Mutants of the visual pathway of Drosophila melanogaster.
Abnormal serum growth hormone response to exercise in juvenile diabetics
Chromium speciation in sea water
Meal Frequency—A Possible Factor in Human Pathology
Specificity of cycloheximide in higher plant systems.
Electrophysiological studies in diabetic neuropathy
The amnesic effect of diazepam (valium)
Formation of cell coat material for the whole surface of columnar cells in the rat small intestine, as visualized by radioautography with L-fucose-3H.
Cardiac actions in the dog of a new antagonist of adrenergic excitation which does not produce competitive blockade of adrenoceptors.
Systolic and diastolic abnormalities of the left ventricle in coronary artery disease. Studies in patients with little or no enlargement of ventricular volume.
Functional Dependence of Drag Coefficient of a Sphere on Reynolds Number
Mechanisms of cerebral vasodilatation in hypoxia.
Centrencephalic myoclonic-astatic petit mal. Clinical and genetic investigation.
Preliminary evaluation of new candidate materials as toxicants, repellents, and attractants against stored-product insects
Extrauterine growth of mouse egg-cylinders results in malignant teratoma.
Unitary dilations for commuting contractions.
Political Change in Britain: Forces Shaping Electoral Choice.
On the generation by winds of inertial waves in the ocean
Discovery of Circularly Polarized Light from a White Dwarf
Thermolysin: kinetic study with oligopeptides.
Model-Free Design of Aseismic Structures
Volcanic History of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, as Indicated by Potassium–Argon Dating
Adsorption of anions on smooth platinum electrodes
Histogenesis of fetal mouse isocortex and hippocampus in reaggregating cell cultures.
Electroretinography: Some basic principles.
Liver damage in heatstroke.
A new model for hydrated portland cement and its practical implications
Role of the Ovum in Follicular Luteinization
Low‐Frequency Auditory Characteristics: Species Dependence
Estimating time-specific survival and reporting rates for adult birds from band returns
Cytoplasmic filaments of Amoeba proteus. I. The role of filaments in consistency changes and movement.
Conceptions of Interaction and Forms of Sociological Explanation
Free Radicals in Biological Systems
Environmental factors preceding the onset of severe depressions.
Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction
Biochemical Basis for Fluorouracil Neurotoxicity: The Role of Krebs Cycle Inhibition by Fluoroacetate
Structure-function relationships in the adipose cell. I. Ultrastructure of the isolated adipose cell
Reaktion von Arylhalogeniden mit Trialkylphosphiten und Benzolphosphonigsäure‐dialkylestern zu aromatischen Phosphonsäureestern und Phosphinsäureestern unter Nickelsalzkatalyse
Factors influencing pulmonary resistance.
Gas‐Flüssigkeits‐Chromatographie und Massenspektrometrie bei der Methylierungsanalyse von Polysacchariden
The endocrine polypeptide cells of the human stomach, duodenum, and jejunum.
Embryoid formation in callus tissues of coffee.
A Secondary Flow Model for the Planetary Boundary Layer
Elasticity of Mafic Rocks from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Amino acid composition of spider silks
A modified procedure for the determination of loukocyte alkaline phosphatase
Site of action of 1-methyladenine in inducing oocyte maturation in starfish.
Thermal properties of very fast transistors
Decoupling and pole assignment by dynamic compensation
Colloid chemical studies of polystyrene latices polymerized without any surfaceactive agents: I. Method for preparing monodisperse latices and their characterization
Sex, age, and equity behavior.
The Perturbations of Alternating Geomagnetic Fields by Conductivity Anomalies
Determination of Finite Strain and Initial Shape from Deformed Elliptical Objects
A shallow shell finite element of triangular shape
Direct effects of potassium on renin secretion and renal function
The enzymic breakdown of lipids in potato tuber by phospholipid- and galactolipid-acyl hydrolase activities and by lipoxygenase.
Rocket observation of interstellar molecular hydrogen
Chemical Applications of Metastable Argon Atoms. IV. Excitation and Relaxation of Triplet States of N2
Inventory of Marital Conflicts (IMC): An Experimental Interaction Procedure
The Rise of Free Trade Imperialism: Classical Political Economy the Empire of Free Trade and Imperialism 1750–1850
Stomatal dimensions and resistance to diffusion.
Enzymatic basis of cyclophosphamide activation by hepatic microsomes of the rat
A Simplification of Lee's Method of Generating Holograms by Computer.
Direct Myocardial Revascularization by Saphenous Vein Graft: Present Operative Technique and Indications
Construction of minimal linear state-variable models from finite input-output data
Case Studies of a Convective Plume and a Dust Devil
Stereochemically Nonrigid Structures
Effect of inhibitors of sodium transport on bile formation in the rabbit.
History of the United States
Incidence of cardiovascular disease and death in patients receiving diethylstilbestrol for carcinoma of the prostate.
Rate constants for the reaction of CO2+ with O, O2 and NO; N2+ with O and NO; and O2+ with NO
Isoprene: identified as a forest-type emission to the atmosphere
On the nonexistence of uniform homeomorphisms between Lp-spaces
Prognosis of severe brain injury
Orthodontic treatment using canines in place of missing maxillary lateral incisors
Structure, equilibrium conformation, and pseudorotation in cyclopentane. An electron diffraction study
Thermoluminescent dating: refinement of the quartz inclusion method
A Short Social Desirability Scale.
On Division by Functional Iteration
Electrohydrodynamic Stability of Space‐Charge‐Limited Currents in Dielectric Liquids. I. Theoretical Study
History of Hydrology
On Non-Geostrophic Baroclinic Stability: Part II
Intussusception in adults
Rapid Changes in Levels of Polyribosomes in Zea mays in Response to Water Stress.
Nonlinear Stabilization of High‐Frequency Instabilities in a Magnetic Field
Biologic function of the Fc fragments of E myeloma protein
Hormonal control of sexual receptivity during the estrous cycle of the rat
Optical studies of the phonons and electrons in gallium nitride
Evidence for an interruption theory of backward masking
Characteristics of a propagating Gaussian beam
Specific excision of methylation products from DNA of Escherichia coli treated with N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine.
Comparative effects of dihydroergotamine and noradrenaline on resistance, exchange and capacitance functions in the peripheral circulation.
Coherent Spontaneous Emission
Occurrence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and related hemolytic vibrios in marine environments of Washington State.
Isolation of a Nonpigmented, Thermophilic Bacterium Similar to Thermus aquaticus
Progesterone in uterus and plasma. I. Binding in rat uterus 105,000 g supernatant.
Sensitivity in Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy of slowly relaxing systems
Glycoprotein components of avian and murine RNA tumor viruses.
The contingent negative variation and the late positive wave of the average evoked potential
The Study of NaCl Transport in Aquatic Animals
The small angle light scattering of biological cells. Theoretical considerations
Anatomically isolated aortic valvular disease: The case against its being of rheumatic etiology
Pressure Drop in Packed Beds of Spheres
Surgery of the Stomach and Duodenum
Role of the vagus nerves in anaphylaxis and histamine-induced bronchoconstrictions in guinea-pigs.
Identification of potentially creative persons from the Adjective Check List.
Comparison of Membrane Protein Glycopeptides of Sindbis Virus and Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
Clinically Evident, Non-terminal Infections with Herpesviruses and the Wart Virus in Immunosuppressed Renal Allograft Recipients
Canonically Conjugate Pairs, Uncertainty Relations, and Phase Operators
The active transport of ions in plant cells.
Coronary Atherosclerosis, Coronary Collaterals, and Their Relation to Cardiac Function
Bremsstrahlung and Photoneutrons from Thick Tungsten and Tantalum Targets
Effects of increasing left ventricular filling pressure in patients with acute myocardial infarction
Controls on Chlorophyll Synthesis in Barley
The proprioceptive reflex control of the intercostal muscles during their voluntary activation.
A "new" congenital haemorrhagic condition due to the presence of an abnormal factor X (factor X Friuli): study of a large kindred.
Purification and properties of collagen proline hydroxylase from newborn rat skin.
Optimal minimal-order observer-estimators for discrete linear time-varying systems
Antitumor Effects of Interferon Preparations In Mice
Canonical Unit Adjoint Tensor Operators in U(n)
Human plasma alpha 2-macroglobulin : an inhibitor of plasma kallikrein
The crystal chemistry of chabazites.
Personality correlates of undergraduate marijuana use
The organization of synaptic axoplasm in the lamprey (petromyzon marinus) central nervous system
Short-term memory while shadowing: Recall of visually and of aurally presented letters
The Dissonance Model in Post-Decision Product Evaluation:
New Method for Detecting Bacteriocin Production
Adenosinetriphosphatase activity in gills of salmonids: seasonal variations and salt water influence in coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch
Carbohydrate components of extraneuronal gangliosides from bovine and human spleen, and bovine kidney.
Remarks on the Distribution and Natural History of Pagophilic Pinnipeds in the Bering and Chukchi Seas
Effects of Dietary Fat and Dose Level of 7,12-Dimethylbenz(α)-anthracene on Mammary Tumor Incidence in Rats
Cation Self‐Diffusion and Semiconductivity in NiO
Variations of the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere in the northern hemisphere
Individual variation in affective responses to taste stimuli
Texture of surfaces cleaned by ion bombardment and annealing
Determination of number and mitotic activity of shoot apical initial cells by analysis of mericlinal chimeras
Sodium regulation in the freshwater mollusc Limnaea stagnalis (L.) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata).
Scheibe aggregate formation of cyanine dyes in monolayers
Pneumocystis carinii Delanoë, its ultrastructure and ultrastructural affinities.
Molecular‐Orbital Interpretation of the Soft X‐Ray LII,III Emission and Absorption Spectra from Some Titanium and Vanadium Compounds
Central Vasomotor Stimulation by Angiotensin
Chromium deficiency as a factor in atherosclerosis.
Root fractures due to corrosion Diagnostic aspects
Gaseous products of nitrite decomposition in soils
Antitrust in Japan.
Successful Treatment of Acromegaly: Metabolic and Clinical Studies in 145 Patients
[Stereotaxic treatment of tics and inarticulate cries or coprolalia considered as motor obsessional phenomena in Gilles de la Tourette's disease].
Erythrocyte glycolysis, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and adenosine triphosphate concentration in uremic subjects: relationship to extracellular phosphate concentration.
Stress, distress, and ego defenses. Psychoendocrine response to impending breast tumor biopsy.
K -Shell Auger Transition Rates and Fluorescence Yields for Elements Ar-Xe
Depigmentation caused by phenolic detergent germicides.
Scleroderma and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
Radioimmunoassay of LH and Estrogen During the Estrous Cycle of the Ewe
Visual alertness in neonates as evoked by maternal care
Conformations of the alditols
Does category size affect categorization time
Comparison of the reflex vasomotor responses to separate and combined stimulation of the carotid sinus and aortic arch baroreceptors by pulsatile and non-pulsatile pressures in the dog.
Comparison of age, sex, and incidence rates in human and canine breast cancer
Interpolation polynomials on the triangle
Corporate Choice Among Long-Term Financing Instruments
Effects of Trialkyltin and Triphenyltin Copounds on Mitochondrial Respiration
The role of the spiral arteries in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia.
Streamflow Changes after Forest Clearing in New England
Ghymostatin, a new ghymotrypsin inhibitor produced by actinomygetes
Synthesis of Cellulase during Abscission of Phaseolus vulgaris Leaf Explants
A method for determining the concentration of ethylene in the gas phase of vegetative plant tissues.
Inguinal and femoral hernioplasty.
An approximate three-dimensional theory of plates with application to crack problems☆
4'-Demethyl-epipodophyllotoxin thenylidene glucoside (VM 26), a podophyllum compound with a new mechanism of action.
Imaginal and verbal mediators and noun concreteness in paired-associate learning: The elusive interaction
Measurements of the Small-Scale Structure of Turbulence at Moderate Reynolds Numbers
Glutamate uptake by a stimulated insect nerve muscle preparation.
Retinal recovery from exposure to light.
Zinc Nutrition of Cattle: A Review
On Understanding Poverty: Perspectives from the Social Sciences.@@@On Fighting Poverty: Perspectives from Experience.
Variations in human urinary O-hydroxylysyl glycoside levels and their relationship to collagen metabolism
Theory and application of Kalman filtering
Cellular Events Involved in Middle Ear Fluid Production
Sudden death from coronary heart disease. Survival time, frequency of thrombi, and cigarette smoking.
Temperature and Transpiration Resistances of Xanthium Leaves as Affected by Air Temperature, Humidity, and Wind Speed
Photovoltaic Properties of Cu2S–CdS Heterojunctions
The effect of procaine on neuromuscular transmission.
Brand Image and Brand Usage
Thyroid function in the preterm fetus.
Characteristics of neural transmission from the semicircular canal to the vestibular nuclei of cats
Carcinoma of the penis: a clinicopathologic study.
Cerebral angiography in cardiac myxoma. Correlation of angiographic and histopathological findings
The Dynamics of Sexual Behavior of College Students.
Diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy by culture of pleural biopsy specimen.
On the origin and metabolic fate of α-ecdysone in insects
Growth and Development of the Skeletal Muscle Fibres of the Cod (Gadus Morhua L.)
Root hairs and phycomycetous mycorrhizas in phosphorus-deficient soil.
Fetal antigen capable of inducing transplantation immunity against SV40 hamster tumor cells.
Detection of Dissolved Substances by the American Lobster (Homarus americanus) and Olfactory Attraction between Lobsters
The Relation Between Fertility and Prostaglandin Content of Seminal Fluid in Man
Dielectric Properties of Strontium Titanate at Low Temperature
The use of protamine to study [6,7-3H]-oestradiol-17β binding in rat uterus
Antibiotic synergism of enterococci. Relation to inhibitory concentrations.
Determination of the E-2 M-1 Multipole Mixing Ratios of the Gamma Transitions in Cd-110
Phonon and Electronic Raman Spectra of Cubic Rare-Earth Oxides and Isomorphous Yttrium Oxide*
Iron: its intracellular localization and possible role in cell division
Specific Uncoupling of Excitation and Contraction in Mammalian Cardiac Tissue by Lanthanum Kinetic studies
Metal-poor stars. III - On the evolution of horizontal-branch stars
Benzocyclobutene and its derivatives
Amino acid incorporation in vitro into protein of neuronal and glial cell-enriched fractions.
Efflux of prostaglandins in lymph from scalded tissue.
Experimental Investigation of Radiative Transfer Between Metallic Surfaces at Cryogenic Temperatures
Frost Deposition on Cold Surfaces
Prevalence of bee sting allergy in 4,992 boy scouts.
Uniaxial magnetic garnets for domain wall ``bubble'' devices
Alignment defect of reaggregating cells in cultures of developing brains of reeler mutant mice
Reaction of Aluminum with Sodium Hydroxide Solution as a Source of Hydrogen
Mechanism of selective cardiac vagolytic action of pancuronium bromide. Specific blockade of cardiac muscarinic receptors.
Sound propagation near magnetic phase transitions
Effect of fasting versus feeding on the rat small intestine. Morphological, biochemical, and functional differences.
Radiation-induced lymphocyte-immune deficiency. A factor in the increased visceral metastases and decreased hormonal responsiveness of breast cancer.
Precipitating antigens of the normal human prostate.
Clinical Spectrum of Anhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
Intrapulmonary receptor response to changes in airway-gas composition in Gallus domesticus
The dissociation energy of the hydrogen molecule using long-range forces
Very high-Q insensitive active RC networks
A System for Determining the Mass and Energy of Particles Incident on a Substrate in a Planar Diode Sputtering System
Lipid droplets in atherosclerotic fatty streaks of human aorta
Internal external locus of control and the practice of birth control.
Treatment of paroxysmal disorders in multiple sclerosis with carbamazepine (Tegretol)
pH Effects on fluorescence of umbelliferone
Coccidiosis: oocyst counting technique for coccidiostat evaluation.
Crowding of mandibular incisors
Experimental alveolar lipo-proteinosis following the inhalation of silica
Empirical Identification of Key Sectors in the Indian Economy
Decomposition of organic materials from hill soils and pastures: II. Comparative studies on the mineralization of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from plant materials and sheep faeces
Mean field variations in a statistical sample of heterogeneous linearly elastic solids
Influence of Deleterious Concentrations of Copper on the Growth of Chlorella pyrenoidosa
Carrier Transmission of Binary Data in a Restricted Band
The role of the tympanic membrane in middle ear transmission.
Silicon gate technology
Chromosome breakage in humans exposed to methyl mercury through fish consumption. Preliminary communication.
The histopathology of acute intestinal amebiasis. A rectal biopsy study.
Slow motion of two spheres in a shear field
Application of Linear Random Models to Four Annual Streamflow Series
Heat transfer during solidification of layered intrusions. I. Sheets and sills
An additive model for sequential decision making.
Platelet adhesiveness, plasma fibrinogen and factor VIII levels in diabetes mellitus
On the Source and Composition of Cloud Nuclei in a Subsident Air Mass over the North Atlantic
Depressive Illness in Childhood Presenting as Severe Headache
Inequalities of myocardial perfusion in coronary artery disease ("coronary steal").
Position of the Carcinoembryonic Antigen of the Human Digestive System in Ultrastructure of Tumor Cell Surface
Studies in pattern detection in normal and autistic children. II. Reproduction and production of color sequences.
A former ice sheet in the Arctic Ocean
Computer Simulation of Granulopoiesis: Normal and Impaired Granulopoiesis
The role of 5-hydroxytryptamine and cyclic AMP in the control of fluid secretion by isolated salivary glands.
Measure preserving transformations and rearrangements
Guanethidine and related agents. 3. Antagonism by drugs which inhibit the norepinephrine pump in man.
Tissue interactions in embryonic mouse tooth germs: I. Reorganization of the dental epithelium during tooth-germ reconstruction
Facilitated single-alternation go, no-go aquisition following hippocampectomy in the rat.
Internal friction in ferroelectrics due to interaction of domain boundaries and point defects
Bullous Pemphigoid in an 11-Year-Old Boy
A mathematical model for interaction of gene frequencies in a parasite and its host.
Dispersion in Homogeneous Estuary Flow
1.3‐Dipolare Cycloadditionen, LVI. Eine bequeme Synthese von N‐substituierten Pyrrolen aus mesoionischen Oxazolonen und Alkinen
Keep on taking the tablets.
Iteration methods for calculating self-consistent fields in semiconductor inversion layers
Treatment of Burkitt's tumor with cyclophosphamide.
Production and diffusion of nitric oxide
A cytochrome-related inherited disorder of the nervous system and muscle
Development of two-cell mouse embryos in the absence of a fixed-nitrogen source
Photoinduced changes in the chlorophyll a to chlorophyll b ratio in young bean plants.
Somatosensory evoked potentials of the normal human neonate in REM sleep, in slow wave sleep and in waking.
Charge coupled 8‐bit shift register
Multiple bile‐duct hamartomas
Factors in the inactivation of postjunctional membrane receptors of frog skeletal muscle.
Use of an Androgen‐Depleting Hormone in the treatment of male sex offenders∗
A regression method for obtaining real-time temperature and geopotential height profiles from satellite spectrometer measurements and its application to nimbus 3 “sirs” observations
Surface Barriers on Zinc Oxide
Impurity conduction in synthetic semiconducting diamond
Community Structure and Innovation: The Case of Urban Renewal
Influence of Duration of Cholesterol Feeding on Esterification of Fatty Acids by Cell-Free Preparation of Pigeon Aorta
Energy transfer in thermal methyl isocyanide isomerization. Comprehensive investigation
Neuromuscular and axoaxonal synapses of the crayfish opener muscle
The benthic ecology of Loch Linnhe and loch eil, a sea-loch system on the west coast of Scotland. I. The physical environment and distribution of the macrobenthic fauna
Seismic Waves in a Quarter and Three-Quarter Plane
Mutagenesis of cultured mammalian cells by x-radiation and ultraviolet light.
Composable Markov processes
Bibliotheca mycologica@@@A Revision of the Fungi Classified as Gloeosporium
Aspects of scanning microdensitometry. I. Stray light (glare).
A grey-weighted skeleton
Chemical ionization mass spectrometry of complex molecules. IV. Amino acids.
On the yielding and mechanical strength of Leda clays
Moment Inequalities for the Maximum Cumulative Sum
Application of photoelectron spectrometry to pesticide analysis. Photoelectron spectra of five-membered heterocycles and related molecules.
His Bundle Recordings in Patients with Reciprocating Tachycardias and Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
Carrier function in anti-hapten immune responses : ii. specific properties of carrier cells capable of enhancing anti-hapten antibody responses
Recorded vs. “Live” relaxation training and hypnotic suggestion: Comparative effectiveness for reducing physiological arousal and inhibiting stress response
MISSILE WOUNDS OF THE BRAIN A Study of Psychological Deficits
Ovarian remnant syndrome.
DNA Comparisons among Barley, Oats, Rye, and Wheat.
Development and validation of a Psychological Screening Inventory
Evidence for Triplicate Genes for Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Hexaploid Wheat
Transmural cellular passage in vascular sinuses of rat bone marrow.
Effect of diuretics on urinary excretion of phosphate, calcium, and magnesium in thyroparathyroidectomized dogs.
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Triplet CH2
Onset of Convection in a Porous Channel with Net Through Flow
Responses of cells in the brain stem of the cat to stimulation of the sinus, glossopharyngeal, aortic and superior laryngeal nerves
Static Elastic Properties of the Left Coronary Circumflex Artery and the Common Carotid Artery in Dogs
Recombination luminescence in alkali halides
The recombination of dimers of immunoglobulin peptide chains
Principal AFL
Isozyme polymorphisms in natural populations of Avena fatua and A. barbata
Kramers Kronig analysis of the optical properties of small silver particles
Slip in aluminum crystals containing strong, plate-like particles
Comparative Quantitative Analysis of the Electrocardiogram and the Vectorcardiogram Correlations with the Coronary Arteriogram
Gingival inflammation and female sex hormones. A clinical investigation of pregnant women and experimental studies in dogs.
Electrophoretic Characterization of Lactic Dehydrogenases in the Genus Lactobacillus
Applanation tension and axial length of the eyeball.
Open-field behavior in mice: selection response and situational generality.
The Electrical Conductivity of Oceanic Air and Its Correlation to Global Atmospheric Pollution.
The determination of sea-surface temperature from satellite high resolution infrared window radiation measurements
Enzymes of glucose metabolism in normal mouse pancreatic islets.
Plasma renin level in hepatic cirrhosis. Relaton to functional renal failure.
Dissociative Excitation of Some Oxygen-Containing Molecules: Lifetimes and Electron-Impact Cross Sections
Personal and situational factors in the recruitment interview.
A new look at yield of integrated circuits
Epidemiological studies of Pseudomonas species in patients with leukemia.
Developmental Changes in Memory Attributes.
A geomorphological and paleoclimatological study of the playas of Iran: part II
Heavy chain disease of the gamma (gamma M) type: report of the first case.
Significance of restoration of normal vaginal depth and axis.
Regression Analysis for Predicting Surface Finish and Its Application in the Determination of Optimum Machining Conditions
Diffusion of helium gas bubbles in gold and copper foils
The Church and economic activity in the Middle Ages
Temperature in Semi-Infinite and Cylindrical Bodies Subjected to Moving Heat Sources and Surface Cooling
Intracellular Calcium and Myocardial Contractility
Glutamate and related amino acids in cat spinal roots, dorsal root ganglia and peripheral nerves.
The appearance of gymnospermous structure
Diffraction-Limited Scalar Image Formation with Holograms of Arbitrary Shape
Increased protease activity and changes in basic proteins and lipids in multiple sclerosis plaques.
Elephants and habitats in north bunyoro, uganda
Morphogenesis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus in a Green Monkey Kidney Cell Line (Vero)
On a problem of Smirnov
Mouthbreeding in fishes.
Sterol metabolism. VII. Autoxidation of cholesterol via hydroperoxide intermediates
Enhancement of imipramine by thyroid stimulating hormone: clinical and theoretical implications.
Relationship between respiration rate and body size in marine plankton animals as a function of the temperature of habitat
Plasma concentrations of cortisol and corticosterone in the normal horse.
Incarcerated and Strangulated Hernias in Children: A Statistical Study of High-Risk Factors
Fluorescent staining of heteropycnotic chromosome regions in human interphase nuclei.
The Effect of Swirl, Inlet Conditions, Flow Direction, and Tube Diameter on the Heat Transfer to Fluids at Supercritical Pressure
Experimental measurement of the solid-liquid interfacial energies of transparent materials
On the Optimality of Single-Server Queuing Systems
Interpretation of high temperature plastic deformation in terms of measured effective stresses
Studies of folate uptake by phytohaemagglutinin-stimulated lymphocytes.
Movement of ions and electrogenesis in microorganisms.
The role of fatty acids in mitochondrial changes during liver ischemia
The electrical activity of the paraurethral and perineal muscles in normal and pathological conditions
Experimental Amblyopia in Monkeys: II. Behavioral Studies in Strabismic Amblyopia
Quenching of oxygen(1.DELTA.8) by amines
Effects of Copepod Grazing on Two Natural Phytoplankton Populations
Theory of magnetic impurities in metals
Projection fibers from the main sensory trigeminal nucleus and the supratrigeminal region
The F2-layer at middle latitudes
Carotid artery injuries
Number and distribution of chromophore types in native phycobiliproteins
The origin of male haploid genetic systems and their expected sex ratio
Gaussian Processes with Stationary Increments: Local Times and Sample Function Properties
The anaerobic bacterial flora of the mouse cecum.
Nature and Heterogeneity of the Antigens of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Involved in the Serum Bactericidal Reaction.
Effect of thyroid hormone on the biochemical maturation of rat brain: conversion of glucose-carbon into amino acids.
Assignment of publication credits: Ethics and practices of psychologists.
The role of lipids in the epidermal barrier to water diffusion.
Presumptive Identification of Group D Streptococci: the Bile-Esculin Test
Spatial Heterogeneity of Phytoplankton in a Near-Shore Environment
C 16: Is Interruption of the Nigro‐Striatal Dopamine System Producing the “Lateral Hypothalamus Syndrome”?
A general method for the detection of additive, dominance and epistatic components of variation III. F2 and backcross populations.
The effects of early experience on the adrenocortical response to different magnitudes of stimulation.
Speech spectrograms using the fast Fourier transform
Surface reactivity of supported gold: I. Oxygen transfer between CO and CO2
Electromyography of the temporalis and masseter muscles in children with unilateral cross-bite.
Exact earth-flattening calculation for Love waves
The relationship between sugar flow and foraging and recruiting behaviour of honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)
Das Verhalten der Alkalimetalle zu den Metallen der Gruppe III B
Theoretical estimation of fracture toughness of fibrous composites
Fertility of ram spermatozoa frozen by the pellet method. I. Transport and viability of spermatozoa within the genital tract of the ewe.
Effects of central and terminal groups on nematic mesophase stability
Hecataeus of Abdera and Pharaonic Kingship
Acute suppurative arthritis in infancy and childhood
Postural activity in the muscles of mastication with the subject upright, inclined, and supine.
Diazirines. II. Synthesis and properties of small functionalized diazirine molecules. Observations on the reaction of a diaziridine with the iodine-iodide ion system
Effect of Zinc on Translocation of Iron in Soybean Plants
Beam Coupling to Films
Juxtacortical Circumscribed Myositis Ossificans: Evolution and Radiographic Features'
The adsorption of nitric oxide on iron oxides
Influence of prednisolone on Moloney leukemogenic virus in BALB-c mice
Statistical Characteristics of Thin, Vertical, Wavy, Liquid Films
Developmental Regulation of α-Mannosidase in Dictyostelium discoideum
Lateral dominance in the perception of size and of pain.
The lower closure point in adsorption hysteresis of the capillary condensation type
Evidence for a histocompatibility system in swine (SL-A).
Semiconductor to metal transition in MoTe2
“Seeking” and “finding” a lost object: Evidence from recent studies of the reaction to bereavement
Renal, metabolic, and circulatory responses to heat and exercise. Studies in military recruits during summer training, with implications for acute renal failure.
Further studies on the possible interaction between dopamine and noradrenaline containing neurons in the brain.
Pigmented contact dermatitis.
A study of the interaction of the hypnotic effects and of the toxic effects of chloral hydrate and ethanol
Temperature regulation during exercise dehydration in man.
A Study of validity of open‐field measures
Amplitude of Evoked Responses to Tones of High Intensity
Pathology of oculomotor nerve palsy in diabetics.
Cutting down random trees
The Chattanooga school children study: effects of community exposure to nitrogen dioxide. 1. Methods, description of pollutant exposure, and results of ventilatory function testing.
The influence of language upon symptomatology in foreign-born patients.
Correlators with two-bit quantization
The biosynthesis of astaxanthin
The autonomic nervous system and breathing
Some Isoperimetric Inequalities for Harmonic Functions
Conformations of the Ester Group
In vivo synthesis of IgG by rheumatoid synovium.
Multiperiod Decision Models with Alternating Choice as a Solution to the Duopoly Problem
Origin of transmembrane potentials in non-excitable cells.
Range of movement of mandible in children
Cyclophosphamide regimens in rhesus monkey with and without marrow infusion.
N‐Trifluoracetyl‐aminosäuren, XXI. Reduktive Entfernung des N‐Trifluoracetyl‐ und N‐Trichloracetyl‐restes durch Natriumborhydrid mit Anwendungen in der Peptidchemie
Control of Contractility in Spirostomum by Dissociated Calcium Ions
A contribution to the natural history of the English grey mullets [Pisces, Mugilidae].
Erbrütung der Eier von Dorsch(Gadus morhua), Flunder(Pleuronectes flesus) und Scholle(Pleuronectes platessa) unter kombinierten Temperatur- und Salzgehaltsbedingungen
Blood Flow and Tissue Space of the Left Coronary Artery in Man
A quantitative study of vestibular adaptation in humans.
Elasticity and Composition of the Upper Mantle
1,2,4-triazines. III. A convenient synthesis of 1,2,4-triazines and their covalent hydration
Patterns of distribution of the single coronary artery.
Socio-economic factors in the prognosis of cancer patients.
Mapping of a human genetic regulator element by somatic cell genetic analysis
The Meyerhof quotient and the synthesis of glycogen from lactate in frog and rabbit muscle. A reinvestigation
Symposium on Ocular Therapy
Acute Hemodynamic Effects of Red Cell Volume Reduction in Polycythemia of Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
Infinite Abelian Group Theory
1,3-bis (2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (NSC-409962) in the treatment of brain tumors.
DL-[2-14C]p-chlorophenylalanine as an inhibitor of tryptophan 5-hydroxylase.
The Distribution of the Larger Herbivores in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
Angina Without Coronary Disease (sic)
The Risk of Anesthesia
Framboidal sulphides precipitated synthetically
Solvation studies of sodium and lithium ions by sodium-23 and lithium-7 nuclear magnetic resonance
The glyoxylate cycle and the conversion of triglycerides to carbohydrates in developing eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides
Switching and automata theory.
Degradation of Escherichia coli B Deoxyribonucleic Acid After Infection with Deoxyribonucleic Acid-Defective Amber Mutants of Bacteriophage T7
Midgut malrotation and volvulus. Which films ar most helpful
Current Problems in Consumer Behavior Research
Neutron Fission Cross Sections for 231Th, 233Th, 235U, 237U, 239U, 241Pu, and 243Pu from 0.5 to 2.25 MeV Using (t, pf) Reactions
Radiological diagnosis of occult normal-pressure hydrocephalus.
Liquid–liquid phase separation in multicomponent polymer solutions. IX. Concentration‐dependent pair interaction parameter from critical miscibility data on the system polystyrene–cyclohexane
Emission Cross Sections of N2 in the Vacuum Ultraviolet by Electron Impact
Field potentials evoked in the brain stem of the cat by stimulation of the carotid sinus, glossopharyngeal, aortic and superior laryngeal nerves.
Enthusiastic Teaching: A Research Review
The modeling of sharing: Effects associated with vicarious reinforcement, symbolization, age, and generalization
Postoperative pancreatitis: A study of seventy cases*****
Renal-Clip Hypertension in Rabbits Immunized Against Angiotensin II
The vibrational spectra of lithium niobate, barium sodium niobate and barium sodium tantalate
Theoretical investigations of automimicry, I. Single trial learning.
The metal-nitride-oxide-silicon (MNOS) transistor—Characteristics and applications
The influence of suspension density and temperature on the filtration rate of Hiatella arctica
New directions in psychotherapy research.
The mycoplasmatales and the l-phase of bacteria.
Centriole Replication and Nuclear Division in Saprolegnia
The nutrition of the early weaned lamb:II. The effect of dietary protein concentration, feeding level and sex on body composition at two live weights
The Structure and Formation of Lomasomes
Étude spectroscopique Raman et infrarouge de Fe(CO)5, Fe(CO)4L et trans-Fe(CO)3L2 (L = PMe3, AsMe3, SbMe3) I. Attribution des bandes de Fe(CO)5
Comparison of infectivity of strains of Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas, 1909).
Wage Bargains, Threshold Effects, and the Phillips Curve
Antagonisms between Kinetin and Amino Acids: Experiments on the Mode of Action of Cytokinins.
Steady‐State Junction‐Current Distributions in Thin Resistive Films on Semiconductor Junctions (Solutions of ▿2v = ±ev)
Anxiety and depression in speech.
BCNU (1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea; NSC-409962) in the treatment of malignant brain tumor--a preliminary report.
Pharmacodynamics of carbenicillin in hepatic and renal failure.
A follow-up study on the treatment of keloids with triamicinolone acetonide
Sequence and pattern of lateral root formation in five selected species
Experimental investigations of hostility catharsis.
Some effects of hippocampal lesions on the behavior of mongolian gerbils
Linear Regression with Non-Normal Error Terms
An Investigation into Industrial Strike Activity in Britain
Overall controls on the biosynthesis of ribosomes in growing bacteria.
The Physical Properties of Nail
Investigations of Canavanine Biochemistry in the Jack Bean Plant, Canavalia ensiformia (L.) DC I. Canavanine Utilization in the Developing Plant
The Velocities of Light
A new agent for the control of spasticity
Relative contributions of modeling, informational influences, and physical contact in extinction of phobic behavior.
Diffusional Flow in Polycrystalline Materials
Effects of fluctuations in the Eh-pH environment on iron and or manganese equilibria.
Ethnic identity in three generations of Japanese Americans.
Cometabolism of m-chlorobenzoate by an Arthrobacter.
On a lemma of Littlewood and Offord on the distributions of linear combinations of vectors
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge near 45° N. XI. Seismic velocity, density, and layering of the crust
Plasma levels of growth hormone, insulin and plasma protein-bound iodine in finishing cattle.
Digestive Enzymes of the American Lobster (Homarus americanus)
Audiotape and videotape self-confrontation in psychotherapy.
Differential rotation of the photospheric magnetic field.
Ogo 4 spectrometer measurements of the tropical ultraviolet airglow.
The Development of the Infant and Young Child, Normal and Abnormal
Protein mapping by combined gel electrofocusing and electrophoresis: application to the study of genotypic variations in wheat gliadins.
Idiopathic calcinosis of the scrotum
Ultrastructure of a spiraled microorganism in the gastric mucosa of dogs
Weed plants as sources of cucumber mosaic virus.
Immunoglobulins and dietary protein antibodies in childhood coeliac disease
Influence of dietary lipid on lipogenesis and on the activity of malic enzyme and citrate cleavage enzyme in liver of the growing chick.
Electrical resistivity of some engineering alloys at low temperatures
The effect of ischemia and alterations of heart rate on myocardial potassium balance in man.
Preparation of sodium cobalt tetracarbonyl
An unusual variant of lupus erythematosus or lichen planus
Purchasing Power Parity As An Explanation of Long-Term Changes In Exchange Rates
On the signature of links
Die Culiciden Deutschlands
Calcium metabolism in ponies fed varying levels of calcium.
The Limit Points of a Normalized Random Walk
The treatment of chemical burns: specialized diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic considerations.
Corticocortical fiber connections in the cat cerebrum: the frontal region.
Accumulation of dopamine by blood platelets from normal subjects and parkinsonian patients under treatment with L-DOPA.
Vortex Signature Recognition by a Doppler Radar
Child-care attitudes and emotional disturbance among mothers of young children.
K / Rb ratios of rocks from island arcs
Evidence for the formation of hydroxyl radicals in the isomerization of pernitrous acid to nitric acid in aqueous solution
Induction of the Lactose Transport System in a Lipid-Synthesis-Defective Mutant of Escherichia coli
Pituitary and plasma growth hormone levels in bulls from birth to one year of age.
Newspaper Influence on Suicide: A Controlled Study
The Seasonal Variation of the Free and Combined Dissolved Amino Acids in the Irish Sea
Mechanisms and stereochemistry in fatty acid metabolism.
Abscesses of the Liver: Surgical Considerations
A one-stage hypospadias repair
The logic of social inquiry
New theoretical evidence for the nonlinearity of the triplet ground state of methylene
Replication, recombination, and chiasmata in goniaea australasiae (orthoptera: acrididae)
Synthetic applications of N-carboalkoxysulfamate esters
Stability studies on indocyanine green dye.
Surface studies by attenuated total reflection spectroscopy. I. Corona treatment of polypropylene
Citral in stingles bees: Isolation and functions in trail-laying and robbing
Renal involvement in sarcoidosis
On digital single-sideband modulators
The physics of Schottky barriers
Defective Virions of Reovirus
Biosynthesis of Ergothioneine and Hercynine by Fungi and Actinomycetales
Selective inhibition of glucose oxidation by triethyltin in rat brain in vivo
Thromboembolism and oral contraceptives: an epidemiologic case-control study
Genetics of a chain-forming mutant of Escherichia coli. Transduction and dominance of the envA gene mediating increased penetration to some antibacterial agents.
Heart rates and blood lactate concentrations of standardbred horses during training and racing.
The role of the oestrogen secreted before oestrus in the preparation of the uterus for implantation in the mouse.
Ecological Notes on the Fossorial Octodont Rodent Spalacopus Cyanus (Molina)
A Social Comparison of Abilities Interpretation of Risk-Taking Behavior.
Poisson's ratio for rigid plastic foams
Utilization of long-chain free fatty acids by human platelets
Sulfated extracellular matrix production in the embryonic heart and adjacent tissues
Origin of undifferentiated neoplasm from verrucous epidermal carcinoma of oral cavity following irradiation
Determination of thermodynamic parameters of polymer-solvent systems by light scattering
Molecular Structure of Dicyclopentadienylnickel (C5H5)2Ni
Comparative study of methods for quantitation of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes
Human Fertility Control by Transvaginal Application of Quinacrine on the Fallopian Tube
Basic Clinical Parasitology
Autolysin(s) of Bacillus subtilis as dechaining enzyme.
Age criteria and vital statistics of a black rhinoceros population
The action of L-dopa on schizophrenic patients (a preliminary report).
The Ecology of Reproduction in Wild and Domestic Mammals.
Time‐Dependent Analysis of Population Inversions in an Expanding Gas
A clinical and radiographic study of 76 autotransplanted third molars
Sur la structure des diesters de tréhalose (“cord factors”) produits par Nocardia asteroides et Nocardia rhodochrous
The notion of the electrode charge and the Lippmann equation
The nutrition of the early weaned lamb:I. The influence of protein concentration and feeding level on rate of gain in body weight
Hydroxyurea: A New Treatment for Psoriasis
The rise of the first land plants
Geochemistry and halmyrolysis of clay minerals, Rio Ameca, Mexico
Visual perception in the retinal degenerate C3H mouse.
The measurement of the effects of building construction on drainage basin dynamics
Pasture quality and ruminant nutrition. 2. Carbohydrate and lignin composition of detergent extracted residues from pasture grasses and legumes.
The Nimbus III Michelson Interferometer
The Role of Renin in the Exaggerated Natriuresis of Hypertension
Before the Mayflower: A History of the Negro in America 1619 - 1964
Darstellung und Eigenschaften mesoionischer Oxazolone
Laser radar measurements of the atmospheric sodium layer
A generalized form of Tellegen's theorem
The fracture toughness of composites reinforced with weakened fibres
Hexokinase, differentiation and growth rates of transplanted rat tumors.
A quantitative study of potassium movements in the central nervous system of Periplaneta americana.
Aging and old age
Oviduct secretion in the cow
Simple quasi-accommodation model of vibrational energy transfer. Low-pressure thermal methyl isocyanide isomerization
Bismarck's imperialism 1862–1890
Specific binding of leucyl transfer rna to an immature form of l-threonine deaminase: its implications in repression
Generalized granuloma annulare: relationship to diabetes mellitus as revealed in 8 cases.
Disproportionation of CO: I. Over iron and silicon-iron single crystals
Microradiographic study of the calcified layer of articular cartilage.
Ultrastructural Changes in the Canine Ileal Mucosal Cell After Mesenteric Arterial Occlusion: A Sequential Study
Mechanism of Formation of Zircon Stains
Systematic identification of perceptual disabilities in autistic children.
Comments OH the Definitions of the Terms Sensitivity and Detection Limit
Isolation of Bitter Peptides from Tryptic Hydrolysate of Casein and their Chemical Structures
The blood supply of the uterus. 1. Arterial vasculature.
The Ecology of the Ctenophore Pleurobrachia Pileus in Scottish Waters
Improved method for preparation of single-cell suspensions from mammary glands of adult virgin mouse
The multi-type galton-watson process with immigration
A new model for mitochondrial membranes based on structural and on biochemical information
The effects of ACTH, adrenalectomy and dexamethasone on the acquisition of an avoidance response in rats.
Fatty acid composition of phospholipids from platelets and erythrocytes in multiple sclerosis
The present position of theory and experiment for VO2
Human melioidosis. A histopathologic study of acute and chronic melioidosis.
Congo red dichroism with dispersed amyloid fibrils, an extrinsic cotton effect
Mössbauer, infrared, x-ray and optical study of cation ordering and dehydrogenation in natural and heat-treated sodic amphiboles
Work-conserving priorities
Mechanisms of release of constituents from rabbit platelets by antigen-antibody complexes and complement. I. Lytic and nonlytic reactions.
Formen der Dormanz bei Insekten
The effect of stimulus relevance on the cortical evoked potentials
Dependency on acid-base status of oxyhemoglobin dissociation and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate level in human erythrocytes. II. In vivo studies.
Enhancement of reovirus infectivity by extracellular removal or alteration of the virus capsid by proteolytic enzymes.
Osmium staining of endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in the rat adrenal cortex.
Congenital Eventration of the Diaphragm
Food habits of wildebeest, zebra, hartebeest and cattle in kenya masailand
Observations on the continuous culture of a planktonic phagotrophic protozoan
Climatic Oscillations 1200–2000 AD
Clear-cell acanthoma. Experience of 8 years.
Host defense against bacterial endotoxemia: mechanism in normal animals.
Electron microscopy of human fibroblasts in tissue culture during logarithmic and confluent stages of growth.
Dynamics of ventilation and heart rate in response to sinusoidal work load in man
Elastic Properties of Mn F 2
Periapical granulomas and cysts. An investigation of 1,600 cases.
The Technology Of Computer Music
Additions of organocopper reagents to allylic epoxides
Some physical and radiobiological properties of immunologically reactive mouse spleen cells
Site of Initiation of Cellular Autolysis in Streptococcus faecalis as Seen by Electron Microscopy
Human Growth Hormone Levels in Cerebrospinal Fluid
Immunoassay of plasma vasopressin in man
Differential Cross Sections for the Elastic Scattering of 1- to 95-eV Electrons from Helium
Free sugars in fruits and vegetables.
The Coupling of Conduction With Laminar Natural Convection From a Vertical Flat Plate With Arbitrary Surface Heating
Three-dimensional boundary layer near the plane of symmetry of a spheroid at incidence
A clinical physiologic study of hydroxyethyl starch.
Bimolecular reactions of ions trapped in an electron space charge
Viral Antigen, Virus Particles, and Infectivity of Tissues From Chickens With Marek's Disease
Faculty patterns in study behaviour
Biological Antioxidant Protection against Lipid Peroxidation Damage
Rapid semiquantitative method for screening large numbers of virus samples by negative staining electron microscopy.
Developmental genetics of the esterase isozymes of Fundulus heteroclitus
Albumin excretion as a measure of glomerular dysfunction in children.
Liver Stores of Vitamin A in a Normal Population Dying Suddenly or Rapidly from Unnatural Causes in New York City
Aerosol deposition in a pipe with turbulent airflow
Propagation of steady shock waves in polymethyl methacrylate
Acrylic Cement in Orthopaedic Surgery
Prenatal growth in the albino rat: effects of number, intrauterine position and résorptions.
Secretion of cell-wall glycoproteins by yeast protoplasts. Effect of 2-deoxy-d-glucose and cycloheximide
Two-point and three-point methods for the investigation of electrode reaction mechanisms
Enhancement by tetrahydrouridine of 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine (cytarabine) oral activity in L1210 leukemic mice.
The Effect of Mixing Upon Atomic and Molecular Oxygen in the 70–170 km Region of the Atmosphere
Perinatal development of drug-metabolizing enzyme activity in swine
Changes in metabolites of the energy reserves in individual layers of mouse cerebral cortex and subjacent white matter during ischaemia and anaesthesia.
Microassay for cathepsin D shows an unexpected effect of cycloheximide on limb-bone rudiments in organ culture
The Analysis and Interpretation of Gap Acceptance Data
L-homoarginine; an inhibitor of serum "bone and liver" alkaline phosphatase.
ATP Synthesis and Oxidative Metabolism in Human Spermatozoa
Notes on the Rodent Faunas of Two Panamanian Forests
Major H alpha flares in centers of activity with very small or no spots
Hippocampal theta activity and response inhibition
The role of diffusion in bimolecular solution kinetics.
Wave-Induced Light-Field Fluctuations in the Sea
Natural convection transients and their effects in unidirectional solidification
Trichotillomania. A clinicopathologic study.
Impairment of peripheral glucose utilization in normal subjects by prolonged bed rest.
Protein chain initiation in rabbit reticulocytes
The extension of the concept of tissue-air ratios (TAR) to high-energy x-ray beams.
Parametrization of the correlation crystal field
A correspondence principle for strongly coupled states
A method for measuring human skin elasticity in vivo with observations of the effects of age, sex and pregnancy.
Diabetes mellitus: the incidence of circulating antibodies against thyroid, gastric, and adrenal tissue.
Deformation of Polycrystalline MgO Under Pressure
De industrialisatie in Nederland tussen 1850 en 1914
Diarylheptanoids of Centrolobium species
Postural activity in subjects with functional disorders of the chewing apparatus.
Velocity Profiles in Porous-Walled Ducts
The gingival response to orthodontic tooth movement
Echanges de lipides entre mitochondries, microsomes et surnageant cytoplasmique de cellules de pomme de terre ou de chou-fleur
New eyes for epidemiologists: aerial photography and other remote sensing techniques
Fatty Acid Distribution in Mesophilic and Thermophilic Strains of the Genus Bacillus
The effect of diamide on lens glutathione and lens membrane function.
Manifest Fears and Worries of Ghetto vs Middle-Class Suburban Children:
Dentinal defects caused by some twist drills and retentive pins.
Reaction of Serum from Pregnant Hamsters with Surface of Cells Transformed by SV40
The optical properties of lead in the energy range 0·6-6 ev
Responses of Asterias Rubens to Olfactory Stimuli
The oxygen consumption of Crangon vulgaris (Fabricius) (Crustacea, natantia) in relation to salinity
The Distribution of the Major and Some Minor Elements in Marine Animals I. Echinoderms and Coelenterates
The Mathematical Principles Underlying Newton's Principia Mathematica:
Rapid endoscopic control of bleeding gastric erosions by laser radiation.
Vesicular stomatitis virus—A new interfering particle, intracellular structures, and virus-specific RNA
Numerical solutions for a one-dimensional silicon n-p-n transistor
Reflex Vascular Responses to Stimulation of Chemoreceptors with Nicotine and Cyanide: Activation of Adrenergic Constriction in Muscle and Noncholinergic Dilatation in Dog'S Paw
A Vibrating Reed Magnetometer for Microscopic Particles
The Effects of 2‐Ethylcitrate and Tricarballylate on Citrate Transport in Rat Liver Mitochondria and Fatty Acid Synthesis in Rat White Adipose Tissue
A New Method of Preparing θ-Alumina and the Interpretation of Its X-Ray-powder Diffraction Pattern and Electron Diffraction Pattern
A quantitative study of the Purkinje cells in the cerebellum of the albino rat.
A simple technic for carotid endarterectomy
Laser-induced emission from glyoxal
Literacy in Traditional Societies.
Antiwear and extreme pressure additives for lubricants
Evaluation of effectiveness in mutant strains of Rhizobium by acetylene reduction relative to other criteria of N2 fixation.
Adaptation and Recovery in Vibrotactile Perception
Arrest of Hyperparathyroid Bone Disease with Dihydrotachysterol in Patients Undergoing Chronic Hemodialysis
Physiological effects of repeated exercise.
The ultrastructure of the fertilized embryo sac of petunia
Significance of the Food Chain in DDT Accumulation by Fish
Effects of vasoactive drugs on circulation in canine subcutaneous adipose tissue.
Prostaglandins in reproductive physiology.
Observation of propagation cutoff and its control in thin optical waveguides
Template catalysis: asymmetric polymerization of amino acids on clay minerals.
Forced convective heat transfer to turbulent CO2 in the supercritical region
Apparatus and Current Techniques in the Preparation of Avian Embryos for Microsurgery and for Observing Embryonic Behavior
Study of sintering of poly(methyl methacrylate)
Spatial Distribution of the Fluorescent Radiation Emission Caused by an Electron Beam
Analysis of t4 phage proteins, i. conversion of precursor proteins into lower molecular weight peptides during normal capsid formation
The metabolism of gamma aminobutyric acid in the lobster nervous system. Enzymes in single excitatory and inhibitory axons.
The paradox and promise of small group research
Daily changes in foetal and maternal blood of conscious pregnant ewes, with catheters in umbilical and uterine vessels
Immunosuppressants in the treatment of pemphigus.
The herbarium of aylmer bourke lambert notes on its acquisition, dispersal, and present whereabouts
Prevention of childhood poisoning. A community project.
The preparation and crystallization behavior of amorphous nickel - phosphorus thin films.
Generalized imitation and the discrimination hypothesis
Infrared emission of Novae
Plant Population Induced Growth Correlations in the Barley Plant Main Shoot and Possible Hormonal Mechanisms
Phytosociological study of intertidal marine algae:i. usujiri benten-jima, hokkaido
Carbon monoxide-aggravated atherosclerosis in the squirrel monkey.
Multidentate ligand kinetics. XIV. Formation and dissociation kinetics of rare earth-cyclohexylenediaminetetraacetate complexes
The specific gravity/salinity/temperature relationship in natural sea water
Generalized Dermatitis Due to Sensitivity to a Chrome Cobalt Removable Partial Denture
Influence of the phonon spectra of In--Tl alloys on the superconducting transition temperatures
Studies of Helical Aggregates of Molecules. II. The Sense of Twist in the Fibrous Aggregates from the Alkali Metal Soaps of Optically Active 12-Hydroxystearic Acid
Localized thalamic hemorrhage A cause of aphasia
Nongonadal neoplasia in Turners syndrome
Ultrastructural aspects of neutrophil granulocyte development in humans.
Solubilization of alkali metals in tetrahydrofuran and diethyl ether by use of a cyclic polyether
Theory of Electrodynamics in Media in Noninertial Frames and Applications
Product inhibition of the fermentative formation of glutamic acid.
Determination of polymer branching with gel‐permeation chromatography. I. Theory
Free grafts of palatal mucosa in mandibular vestibuloplasty.
Physical properties of the bovine encephalitogenic protein; molecular weight and conformation.
Four effects of exogenous insulin on food intake.
Selenium and proton nuclear magnetic resonance measurements on organic selenium compounds
Apparent Transport of Water by Insect Excretory Systems
Characterization of Freeze-Dried Al2O3 and Fe2O3
Models for affiliative and conformity behavior.
Polymorphism of the crystalline methylchloromethane compounds. III. Differential scanning calorimetric study
Metabolic results of parenteral feeding in neonatal surgery: a balanced parenteral feeding program based on a synthetic 1-amino acid solution and a commercial fat emulsion.
Ancient Astronomical Observations and the Accelerations of the Earth and Moon
Purification and amino acid sequence of melanocyte-stimulating hormone from the dogfish Squalus acanthias.
Gastric ulcer and regurgitation gastritis.
The supply of nutrient ions by diffusion to plant roots in soil III. Uptake of phosphate by roots of onion, leek, and rye-grass.
Correlation of Angiography and Natural History in Evaluation of Patients with Renovascular Hypertension
The Analysis of Radio Scattering and Space-Probe Observations of Small-Scale Structure in the Interplanetary Medium
Retinal changes produced by phototherapy
A Note on Symmetric Bernoulli Random Variables
Accelerated isorhythmic ventricular rhythms
Atomic and molecular spin-orbit coupling constants for 3d transition metal ions
General Theorem on Bifurcation and Its Application to the Hartree Equation of the Helium Atom
Further observations on substrate-derived chloromethyl ketones that inactivate trypsin.
The effects of variations in end-expiratory inflation pressure on cardiorespiratory function in normo-, hypo and hypervolaemic dogs
The possible mediation by cyclic AMP of the stimulation of thymocyte proliferation by vasopressin and the inhibition of this mitogenic action by thyrocalcitonin.
Hypercalcemia Associated with Neoplastic Disease
Animal sources of common serotypes of escherichia coli in the food of hospital patients possible significance in urinary-tract infections
Observations on the mechanism of copper damage in chlorella.
Fast evaluation of source parameters from isolated surface-wave signals. Part I. Universal tables
Gaba derivative in spasticity. (Beta-(4-chlorophenyl)-gamma-aminobutyric acid, Ciba 34.647-Ba).
The effect of altered drive states on the contigent negative variation (CNV) in rhesus monkeys
Electron microscopy of mycoplasma-like bodies associated with insect and plant hosts of peach Western X-disease☆
Semicontinuous screening of a whole community for hypertension
Insecticide resistance in Australian Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) — II: Malathion resistance in eastern Australia
Energy-conserving numerical approximations for Vlasov plasmas
Rotational Diffusion Tensor of Liquid Methylene Chloride from Its Infrared Spectrum
Human Forearm Muscle Metabolism during Exercise: V. Quantitative Aspects of Glucose Uptake and Lactate Production during Prolonged Exercise