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Climate controlled bed assembly

17 Jul 2009-

Abstract: According to certain arrangements, a climate controlled bed includes an upper portion comprising a core with a top core surface and a bottom core surface. The core includes at least one passageway extending from the top core surface to the bottom core surface. The upper portion of the bed further includes at least one fluid distribution member positioned above the core, wherein the fluid distribution member is in fluid communication with at least one passageway of the core. The fluid distribution member is configured to at least partially distribute fluid within said fluid distribution member. The upper portion of the bed further comprises at least one comfort layer positioned adjacent to the fluid distribution member. The bed also includes a lower portion configured to support the upper portion and at least one fluid module configured to selectively transfer air to or from the fluid distribution member of the upper portion. In some arrangements, the fluid module includes a fluid transfer device and a thermoelectric device for selectively thermally conditioning fluids being transferred by the fluid transfer device.
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30 Aug 2010-
Abstract: According to certain arrangements, a conditioner mat for use with a bed assembly includes an upper layer comprising a plurality of openings, a lower layer being substantially fluid impermeable, at least one interior chamber defined by the upper layer and the lower layer and a spacer material positioned within the interior chamber. In one embodiment, the spacer material is configured to maintain a shape of the interior chamber and to help with the passage of fluids within a portion of interior chamber. The conditioner mat additionally includes an inlet in fluid communication with the interior chamber, at least one fluid module comprising a fluid transfer device and a conduit placing an outlet of the at least one fluid module in fluid communication with the inlet. In some arrangements, the fluid module selectively delivers fluids to the interior chamber through the conduit and the inlet. In one embodiment, fluids entering the chamber through the inlet are generally distributed within the chamber by the spacer material before exiting through the plurality of openings along the upper layer. The conditioner mat can be configured to releasably secure to a top of a bed assembly.

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Dusko Petrovski1, Barry Steele1, Michael J. Brykalski1, John Terech1  +1 moreInstitutions (1)
06 May 2010-
Abstract: A climate-conditioned bed includes an upper portion having at least a first climate zone and at least one fluid module associated with such a first climate zone. The fluid module comprises a fluid transfer device for selectively moving a fluid and a thermoelectric device for selectively heating or cooling a fluid. The bed additionally includes one or more control modules configured to regulate the operation of the fluid module, at least one input device configured to allow an occupant to select a setting or mode associated with the first climate zone and at least a first temperature sensor configured to detect a temperature associated with the first climate zone of the thermally-conditioned bed. In some embodiments, the fluid module is operatively connected to the control module. The control module is configured to adjust at least one operational parameter of the fluid module based on, at least in part, the setting or mode selected by an occupant using the at least one input device, and the temperature detected by the first temperature sensor.

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John Lofy1Institutions (1)
23 Jul 2008-
Abstract: According to some embodiments, a thermoelectric system includes a plurality of thermoelectric elements forming a thermoelectric array, the thermoelectric elements having a cooling side and a heating side. The system further includes at least one heat exchanger on at least one of the cooling side and the heating side, the heat exchanger being in thermal communication with at least some of the thermoelectric elements. In addition, the system includes a substrate generally positioned between the thermoelectric elements and the heat exchange element. The substrate comprises an electrical isolation layer, a support element configured to receive the heat exchanger and a plurality of interconnecting tabs configured to place adjacent thermoelectric elements in electrical communication with one another.

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David Marquette1, John Terech1Institutions (1)
02 Jul 2008-
Abstract: A seat portion or a backrest portion of seating assembly comprises a recessed area or wide groove along its exterior surface. The recessed area can be configured to receive a spacer (e.g., spacer fabric, member, module, etc.) that helps maintains the spatial and structural integrity of the recessed area. The spacer can be generally air and fluid permeable. In addition, a scrim layer can be positioned over the spacer fabric to help direct and/or distribute air or other fluid to an exterior surface of the seating assembly. The recessed area can also be configured to receive one or more films, occupant sensory devices, comfort layers, scrims, temperature sensors, heating devices and/or the like. Thus, air or other fluid can be delivered into the recessed area of a seat or backrest portion of a seating assembly, and subsequently delivered through the spacer fabric and scrim layer towards or away from an occupant. In some embodiments, the air or fluid is conditioned (e.g., heated or cooled) prior to entering the recessed area.

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31 May 2011-
Abstract: A distribution system is adapted for use with a mattress and a personal comfort system with an air conditioning system operable for outputting a conditioned air flow. The distribution system includes at least top and bottom layers of fabric material and a spacer structure disposed between the bottom and top layers. The spacer structure defines an internal volume within the distribution layer and is configured to enable the received conditioned air flow to flow therethrough. This flow of conditioned air has a cooling or heating effect on a body on the mattress. A system and method for controlling ventilation in a bed (mattress) includes an user-controlled air conditioning control system for generating and supplying a conditioned air flow to a distribution layer/system located on or near the mattress. The distribution layer/system includes a spacer structure surrounded by fabric material(s) and configured to receive the conditioned air flow and provide a cooling or heating effect to a body adjacent the mattress.

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17 Nov 1994-
Abstract: A temperature climate control system comprises a variable temperature seat (10), at least one heat pump (26 and 28), at least one heat pump temperature sensor (54 and 56), and a controller (64). Each heat pump comprises a number of Peltier thermoelectric modules for temperature conditioning the air in a main heat exchanger (34 and 36) and a main exchanger fan (42 and 44) for passing the conditioned air from the main exchanger to the variable temperature seat. The Peltier modules and each main fan may be manually adjusted via a temperature switch (60) and a fan switch (58), respectively. Additionally, the temperature climate control system may comprise a number of additional temperature sensors (102 and 104) to monitor the temperature of the ambient air surrounding the occupant as well as the temperature of the conditioned air directed to the occupant.

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28 Mar 2012-
Abstract: There is disclosed an insert suitable for use within a seating system of an automotive vehicle.

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10 Mar 2005-
Abstract: There is disclosed an automotive vehicle seating comfort system for providing heating, cooling, ventilation or a combination thereof to an individual in an automotive car seat. The system typically includes an insert, a blower and a tubular structure for providing fluid communication between the insert and blower for providing ventilation and/or cooling for the individual. Preferably, the insert includes a heater or heater layer for providing heat for the individual.

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12 May 1999-
Abstract: Disclosed is a system for thermally conditioning and pumping a fluid. The system includes a thermoelectric heat exchanger having a thermoelectric device configured to pump heat. Heat exchangers are provided for transferring heat to and from the thermoelectric device and for generating a fluid flow across the thermoelectric device. The conditioned fluid may be placed in thermal communication with a variety of objects, such as a vehicle seat, or anywhere localized heating and cooling are desired. Thermal isolation may also be provided in the direction of flow to enhance efficiency.

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11 Feb 1986-
Abstract: An open cell foam pad is ripple-cut to create a convoluted face of hills and valleys. A plurality of air-flow channels are cut through the pad in each valley formed. The channels with plugs therein provide the user of the pad with the ability to direct air circulation through the pad to certain parts of the body. These air channels also function to dissipate excess body fluids or medicines. For situations demanding the highest possible amount of air circulation, the ripple-cut pad with open air-flow channels is flat-topped. The size of the flat area on each hill is determined by the weight of body to be supported. For a body weight under 100 pounds, a maximum area of 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch is used with a contact surface to open space ratio of 1:3. For a body weight between 100 and 150 pounds, a maximum area of 1 inch by 1 inch is used with a contact surface to open space ratio of 1:1. For a body weight greater than 150 pounds, a maximum of area of 11/4 inch by 11/4 inch is used.

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