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Critical Legal Studies

James Boyle
The structure of Blackstone's commentaries, Duncan Kennedy reification in legal reasoning, Peter Gabel freedom and constraint in adjudication - a critical phenomenology, the authors, Duncan Kennedy critical legal histories, Robert Gordon the colonial origins of liberal property rights, Elizabeth Mensch towards an historical understanding of legal consciousness - the case of classical legal thought in America and Duncan Kennedy interpretive construction in the substantive criminal law, Mark Kelman employer abuse, worker resistance and the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress.
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International Law and Revolution

Owen Taylor
TL;DR: This paper explored the historical interrelations between international law and revolution, with a focus on how international anti-capitalist struggle plays out through law, and proposed that the "form of law" or its base logic is rooted in capitalist social relations of private property and contract, and therefore the law is a particularly inhospitable place to advance revolutionary breaks with established distributions of power or wealth.
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Rational Law, Economic Development and the Case of China

TL;DR: The existence of a formal and rational legal system is a necessary condition for the successful operation of the market economy as discussed by the authors, however, although China has a legal system, it has not yet been implemented in practice.

Perceptions of Latino Students who enrolled in the Adult Basic Education/Under-aged General Education Development Program: Searching a Caring High School Experience

TL;DR: This phenomenologically informed multi-case study was conducted to report the recollections of second-generation Latino high school students involved in one high school credentialing option, the Adult Basic Education (ABE)/Under-aged General Education Development (GED) Program.

Does Africa Need Another Kind of Law?: Alterity and the Rule of Law in Subsaharan Africa

Peter Ntephe
TL;DR: In this article, the authors present the Moral Rights for this thesis, which are retained by the author and/or other copyright owners and must not be changed in any way or sold commercially in any format or medium without the formal permission of the copyright holders.