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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/263/6/062065

Design and analysis of truck body for increasing the payload capacity

01 Nov 2017-Vol. 263, Iss: 6, pp 062065
Abstract: Truck industry is a major source of transportation in India. With an average truck travelling about 300 kilometers per day [1], every kilogram of truck weight is of concern to the industry in order to get the best out of the truck. The main objective of this project is to increase the payload capacity of automotive truck body. Every kilogram of increased vehicle weight will decrease the vehicle payload capacity in turn increasing the manufacturing cost and reducing the fuel economy by increase the fuel consumption. With the intension of weight reduction, standard truck body has been designed and analyzed in ANSYS software. C-cross section beams were used instead of conventional rectangular box sections to reduce the weight of the body. Light-weight Aluminum alloy Al 6061 T6 is used to increase the payload capacity. The strength of the Truck platform is monitored in terms of deformation and stress concentration. These parameters will be obtained in structural analysis test condition environment. For reducing the stress concentration the concept of beams of uniform strength is used. Accordingly necessary modifications are done so that the optimized model has a better stress distribution and much lesser weight compared to the conventional model. The results obtained by analyzing the modified model are compared with the standard model. more

Topics: Payload (54%), Truck (52%)

Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1016/J.MATPR.2020.06.459
S. Satish1, S. John Alexis1, Arun Bhuvendran1, Mohanraj Shanmugam2  +2 moreInstitutions (3)
Abstract: In India most of the small scale industries and traders would modify their vehicle body in order to maximize the load carrying capacity of the truck for economical reason. These alteration are done without proper design and analysis. In this work the vehicle body is designed to increase the pay load capacity of mini truck from 1.5 tons to 2 tons. The proposed model is analyzed for distributed load, line load and impact load due to cylindrical object. The impact analysis is done by assuming a set of cylinders weighing 1 tons dropped from 1 cm height. The vehicle body is modelled in CATIA and analyzed using ANSYS 16.2 FEA commercial software. The material chosen for analysis is mild steel. The strength of the body is assessed using deformation, stress and factor of safety value obtained from FEA analysis. The stress concentration is high at intersection point of body and chassis and also at top corner of the side channels and it is reduced by design modification. The final results shows that the proposed design is safe for the assumed. more

Topics: Chassis (52%), Factor of safety (51%)

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