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Design of high efficiency cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna based on topological photonic crystals

Yifan Zhou, +4 more
- 28 Feb 2023 - 
- Vol. 133, Iss: 8, pp 083103-083103
In this article , the authors proposed using a topological photonic crystal (TPC) as an effective feeding method, which can effectively suppress the reflecting loss at the feeder/DRA interface.
Over the last 30 years, various dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs) have been developed for application in portable wireless communications and millimeter wave systems. However, current methods to feed the antennas suffer from radiation leakage and high losses. In this paper, we propose using a topological photonic crystal (TPC) as an effective feeding method, which can effectively suppress the reflecting loss at the feeder/DRA interface. As a demonstration, we numerically design a DRA with a TPC feeder, operating in a high-order resonant mode at 1.5 THz. Simulation results show that the antenna has a return loss as low as 44 dB, an impedance bandwidth of 3.9%, a maximum gain of 7.4 dBi, and 3dB angular widths of 58 degrees. Over 99% radiation efficiency can be achieved at the operating THz band. The proposed all-dielectric antenna can be suitably used for integrated photonic chips, biomedical applications, and 6G.

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