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Proceedings ArticleDOI: 10.1109/ICCSP.2015.7322869

Efficient method of increase in isolation between patch antennas using metamaterial

02 Apr 2015-pp 0205-0208
Abstract: A broadband electrical metamaterial is proposed in this paper to improve the performance of microstrip antenna. With the help of metamaterial we can improve bandwidth of microstrip antenna as well as miniaturize it. The properties and applications of metamaterial, three half split ring resonator metamaterial and the performance of a system contributing two patch antennas separated by means of a metamaterial based surface at 9.6 GHz for multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) application is explained in this paper. The functioning of two air spaced patch antennas is studied for comparison with that of metamaterial spaced antennas. more

Topics: Metamaterial antenna (71%), Microstrip antenna (63%), Directional antenna (58%) more

Proceedings ArticleDOI: 10.23919/ROPACES.2017.7916410
Hassan Sajjad1, Sana Khan1, Ercument Arvas1Institutions (1)
01 Mar 2017-
Abstract: A 2D electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structure is designed on the ground plane of 1×2 rectangular patch antenna array to reduce the mutual coupling between the two elements and enhance the radiation pattern. An isolation of −41 dB has been achieved with the EBG structure relative to −20 dB without the EBG. more

Topics: Patch antenna (54%), Microstrip antenna (53%), Radiation pattern (53%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1103/PHYSREVLETT.85.3966
John B. Pendry1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Optical lenses have for centuries been one of scientists’ prime tools. Their operation is well understood on the basis of classical optics: curved surfaces focus light by virtue of the refractive index contrast. Equally their limitations are dictated by wave optics: no lens can focus light onto an area smaller than a square wavelength. What is there new to say other than to polish the lens more perfectly and to invent slightly better dielectrics? In this Letter I want to challenge the traditional limitation on lens performance and propose a class of “superlenses,” and to suggest a practical scheme for implementing such a lens. Let us look more closely at the reasons for limitation in performance. Consider an infinitesimal dipole of frequency v in front of a lens. The electric component of the field will be given by some 2D Fourier expansion, more

Topics: Lens (optics) (64%), Flat lens (59%), Chromatic aberration (57%) more

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01 Apr 1990-
Topics: Microwave engineering (73%)

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1126/SCIENCE.1058847
06 Apr 2001-Science
Abstract: We present experimental scattering data at microwave frequencies on a structured metamaterial that exhibits a frequency band where the effective index of refraction (n) is negative. The material consists of a two-dimensional array of repeated unit cells of copper strips and split ring resonators on interlocking strips of standard circuit board material. By measuring the scattering angle of the transmitted beam through a prism fabricated from this material, we determine the effective n, appropriate to Snell's law. These experiments directly confirm the predictions of Maxwell's equations that n is given by the negative square root of for the frequencies where both the permittivity (epsilon) and the permeability (mu) are negative. Configurations of geometrical optical designs are now possible that could not be realized by positive index materials. more

Topics: Negative refraction (64%), Photonic metamaterial (59%), Split-ring resonator (57%) more

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.1103/PHYSREVLETT.84.4184
Abstract: We demonstrate a composite medium, based on a periodic array of interspaced conducting nonmagnetic split ring resonators and continuous wires, that exhibits a frequency region in the microwave regime with more

Topics: Permittivity (58%), Split-ring resonator (56%), Artificial dielectrics (55%) more

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