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Evolucao dos processos de triagem psicologica em uma clinica-escola

01 Apr 2004-Estudos De Psicologia (campinas) (Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas))-Vol. 21, Iss: 1, pp 33-42

AbstractEste trabalho e um relato de experiencia sobre a evolucao dos processos de triagem em um servico de Psicologia aplicada de uma universidade federal. Apresenta breve historico desse servico de extensao na universidade e na rede de atendimento a saude publica; procura compreender o desenvolvimento de suas rotinas no âmbito academico, tecnico e assistencial; observa que a evolucao desses procedimentos esta relacionada com a busca de ocupacao de um lugar que venha articular ensino, pesquisa e extensao e conclui, finalmente, que o servico em questao nao pode realizar esta tarefa por causa de questoes institucionais, ou seja, das dificuldades de integracao e articulacao entre os diferentes segmentos envolvidos, gerando a necessidade de se repensar e construir uma nova pratica. more

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Abstract: Survey's research about clients form University Psychology Clinics in the 80's and 90's indicated that the psychological services were inefficient. Although many studies about University Psychology Clinics have been conducted in Brazil, there are few in Rio Grande do Sul. This study is a research about therapeutic practices and theoretical orientation modality developed at University Psychology Clinics from Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region. The present paper also describes patient's screening and helping processes, as well as verifies index of other institutions' referring, treatment ending and dropping out. Data indicates many kinds of therapeutic practices and theoretical orientation in all University Psychology Clinics of this research. 11.88% of the clientele were referred to other institutions, 38.21% have given up the attending process and 15.79% of the patients discharged: positive results comparing to the literature.

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01 Dec 2011
TL;DR: The study revealed that the clinical and socio-demographic profile of clientele seen in this service is consistent with other training clinics in Rio Grande do Sul and in other states of Brazil.
Abstract: This study aims to delineate the clinical and socio-demographic profile of the clients assisted by a school-clinic of Psychology of a private university in southern Brazil. We assessed the clinical records of 604 patients under individual psychological interventions between 2003 and 2007. The results showed that: a) the majority of patients were women, but among children the majority were of masculine gender; b) the main complaints were of depressive symptoms, but variations were also verified in accordance with age and gender; c) most of the patients had sought psychological care spontaneously; d) dropouts levels were similar to those of other studies in this context; e) no significant associations were found among dropout and age, gender and waiting time. The study revealed that the clinical and socio-demographic profile of clientele seen in this service is consistent with other training clinics in Rio Grande do Sul and in other states of Brazil. The results indicate the overall effectiveness of the service and of the adopted model of brief psychotherapy. Inconsistencies in patient’s records have been responsible for the methodological limitations of the study. The research enabled the adoption of several procedures to improve the quality of records and to support further studies.

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01 Jun 2012
Abstract: The schools services of Psychology are intended to address the need for training courses in Psychology as they put into practice the psychological techniques learned in the classroom They play also an important social role since they give access to psychological support to people who can not afford it This study aims to describe published scientific studies about the common practices of these services It is emphasized the practical and dynamic profile of each institution as well as a description of the clientele, the professional guidance work, the screening process, and also suggestions of a new possible goal to school services Thus, it emphasizes the importance of conducting studies aimed to characterize the services in order to help institutions plan or restructure treatment to the community and student's training

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01 Dec 2005
Abstract: SOFTWARES FOR PSYCHOLOGY: REGULATION, NATIONAL PRODUCTION AND CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH This article analyses Brazilian commercial and scientific software production and regulation applied to Psychology The clinical area still lacks knowledge and informational products A literature review was conducted, based on clinical psychological research, pointing to a low frequency of quantitative and result based research It is verified that the methodological difficulties for the accomplishment of such research could be surpassed using clinical systems Some initiatives on clinical systems are demonstrated, as well as its advantages over clinical data registered on paper

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30 Apr 2013
Abstract: Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) prevalence is above 10% and it is one of the main causes for suicide in recent times. Moreover, it is a common medical condition that can present itself in a chronic and recurrent form, triggering biopsychosocial disabilities. In this light, effective and lasting interventions for this disorder are needed. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy intends to propose interventions with structured techniques, and its effectiveness is demonstrated in some studies. This article aims to discuss a case study of a 31-year old patient with MDD. She was treated in a school clinic with a Cognitive Behavioral referential. After 20 sessions, positive results were obtained with easing of core beliefs and increasing repertoire of strategies to solve problems. With the decrease of symptoms the patient had significant changes in her relationships. Key words: Major Depressive Disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Case Study.

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02 Apr 1983
Abstract: Em 1979 e 1980 foi realizado um levantamento nas clinicas-escola de psicologia em Sao Paulo, verificando-se o atendimento oferecido aos clientes que procuraram essas clinicas em 1977. Foram levantados 2.826 casos verificando-se as variaveis faixa-etaria, atendimento oferecido, comparecimento e motivos de desistencia. Este trabalho apresenta os dados obtidos e os diseute a partir de uma leitura dos mesmos, pratica de trabalho junto as clinicas-escola e literatura sobre o assunto. Conclui que dificuldades ligadas as teorias e tecnicas psicologicas, identidade profissional e definicao do campo de competencia do psicologo influem sobre os 'servicos oferecidos, tornando sua eficacia questionavel. Urge, portanto, redefinir a funcao da profissao e desenvolver novas tecnicas, considerando-se as condicoes sociais nas quais a profissao se desenvolve.

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01 Aug 1997
Abstract: In august 1992 there was at Goias Catholic University Psichology School-Clinic's files, about 95 children, 34 teenagers and 38 adults in a waiting list from five and half preceding years. This list was a consequence of several factors, as follows: greater numbers of patients than professional personnel available, individual consultations less than necessary, difficulties in schedulling and absence of many patients when contacted. After an agreement among professors about the Psichologic Selection Group a posterior preparation of professors and students was done. looking for a correct method of application of a previous selectal program. The "functional unit" was constituted by a professor and one trainee-student, and the basic protocol included an interview which dealt with the following points: the main complaint, the symptons and patient spectations in relation to the service. About 123 ( 73,65% of waiting list) patients came at first, initially as one common group, and after that at weekly separated groups. Including a rapid resolution of waiting list, this Selection Group Program has also promoted an expanded reflexion about the patients demand, so that it has become possible to create new ways to elaborate more realistic programs to patients.

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"Evolucao dos processos de triagem p..." refers background in this paper

  • ...Em outras clínicas-escola de Psicologia pode-se também perceber a constante preocupação com filas de espera, como ilustrado no trabalho de Peres (1997), que retratou uma tentativa de minimizar estas filas, por meio da utilização de triagem grupal, objetivando dinamizar o atendimento, conhecer…...


29 Apr 1988
Abstract: O presente estudo visa conhecer algumas caracteristicas da populacao que procura atendimento psicologico na Clinica-Escola do Instituto de Psicologia da Puccamp, desde o inicio do seu funcionamento em 1970 ate 1985. Incluimos na nossa metodologia, nao so a descricao da nossa amostra (observada) como a comparacao com a populacao geral do estado de Sao Paulo (FIBGE). Observa-se que para a amostra total- 2.102 pacientes - encontram-se diferencas estatisticamente significativas: a proporcao de solteiros e, na amostra observada, bem maior que na populacao geral; o maior numero de pacientes atendidos encontrase na faixa de seis a 10 anos de idade, logo seguida pela de 11 a 15 anos; quanto a escolaridade, os clientes da nossa amostra apresentam um grau de instrucao mais alto do que o da populacao geral do estado de Sao Paulo; verifica-se que cerca de 44% dos pacientes, ao consultarem a Clinica-Escola para obterem atendimento com relacao a seus problemas vitais e psicologicos, sao estudantes e, em geral, sao encaminhados por instituicoes escolares (lato sensu).

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