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Fatigue behaviour of nickel-flyash composite coatings

01 Oct 1993-Journal of Materials Science Letters (Kluwer Academic Publishers)-Vol. 12, Iss: 10, pp 746-746
About: This article is published in Journal of Materials Science Letters.The article was published on 1993-10-01. It has received 2 citation(s) till now. The article focuses on the topic(s): Composite number & Carbon steel. more

Topics: Composite number (56%), Carbon steel (51%), Electroplating (50%)
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C.S. Ramesh, S. K. Seshadri1Institutions (1)
01 Aug 2003-Wear
Abstract: Nickel composite coatings have been prepared on mild steel substrates by sediment electro-co-deposition (SECD) technique. Silicon nitride, fly ash and calcium fluoride are used as the reinforcements. Metallographic studies, microhardness, friction and wear tests under various loads and sliding speeds have been carried out on these coatings. Optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) studies on the worn surfaces were conducted. A theoretical model was used to predict the wear rates of the composite coatings. All the composite coatings exhibited a lower coefficient of friction and better wear resistance when compared with nickel coatings at all loads and sliding velocities studied. However, nickel–calcium fluoride composite coatings possessed the lowest coefficient of friction and wear rates. Significant effect of load and sliding speed on both the coefficient of friction and wear rates of nickel, nickel–silicon nitride and nickel–fly ash coatings has been observed. SEM studies of the worn surfaces reveal delamination process at higher loads. The predicted wear rates are in reasonable agreement with the experimental values. more

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C.S. Ramesh1, S.K. Seshadri1, K.J.L. Iyer1Institutions (1)
30 Apr 1991-Wear
Abstract: Wear rates of nickel-fly ash composite coatings on mild steel have been measured for unlubricated rubbing against a rotating hardened steel disc. Wear losses of composite coatings were lower than those of nickel coating. The higher wear resistance of the composites may be attributed to the presence of fly ash, the excellent bonding between particles and matrix and the smearing-out of fly ash on both counterdisc and specimen. Optical and scanning electron microscopical investigations of the tested specimens were also carried out. more

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Abstract: The electrochemical behaviour of sediment electrodeposited nickel-silicon nitride composite coatings on mild steel has been studied. These composite coatings provide better corrosion resistance in both 3.5% NaCl and 0.5M H2SO4 solution than nickel coatings. The higher the percentage of silicon nitride in the composite, the better is the corrosion resistance. Microstructural studies on these composite coatings have revealed the retention of silicon nitride particles in the coating after corrosion tests, which was indicative of very little or no galvanic corrosion. A reduced tendency to pitting of the composite coatings as compared to nickel coatings was also observed. X-ray analysis of composite coatings exposed to 0.5M H2SO4 revealed the presence of silicon dioxide in them, leading to enhanced passivation of the composite coatings with respect to pure nickel. more

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