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Frictionless Contact of a Functionally Graded Half-Space and a rigid Base with an Axially Symmetric Recess

01 Mar 2009-Journal of Mechanics (Cambridge University Press)-Vol. 25, Iss: 1, pp 9-18
Abstract: This paper is concerned with an axially symmetric frictionless contact between an elastically transversely isptropic functionally graded half-space and a rigid base that has a small axisymmetric surface recess. The graded half-space is modeled as a nonhomogeneous medium. We reduce the problem to solving Fredholm integral equations, solve these equations numerically and establish a relationship between the applied pressure and gap radius. The effects of anisotropy and nonhomogeneity parameter of the graded half-space on the normal pressure as well as on the critical pressure have been shown graphically. more

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Murat Ozturk1, Fazil Erdogan1Institutions (1)
01 Aug 1992-
Abstract: : In this paper the axisymmetric crack problem for a nonhomogeneous medium is considered. It is assumed that the shear modulus is a function of z approximated by mu = mu (sub 0) e to the alpha z power. This is a simple simulation of materials and interfacial zones with intentionally or naturally graded properties. The problem is a mixed mode problem and is formulated in terms of a pair of singular integral equations. With fracture mechanics applications in mind, the main results given are the stress intensity factors as a functions of the nonhomogeneity parameter alpha for various loading conditions. Also given are some sample results showing the crack opening displacements. more

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Abstract: This study considers a functionally graded (FG) elastic layer resting on homogeneous elastic substrate under axisymmetric static loading. The shear modulus of the FG layer is assumed to vary in an exponential form through the thickness. In solution, the FG layer is approximated into a multilayered medium consisting of thin homogeneous sublayers. Stiffness matrices for a typical homogeneous isotropic elastic layer and a half-space are first obtained by solving the axisymmetric elasticity equations with the aid of Hankel\'s transform. Global stiffness matrix is, then, assembled by considering the continuity conditions at the interfaces. Numerical results for the displacements and the stresses are obtained and compared with those of the classical elasticity and the finite element solutions. According to the results of the study, the approach employed here is accurate and efficient for elasto-static problems of FGMs. more

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R. Patra1, S. P. Barik2, P. K. Chaudhuri3Institutions (3)
Abstract: Abstract This article is concerned with the study of frictionless contact between a rigid punch and a transversely isotropic functionally graded layer. The rigid punch is assumed to be axially symmetric and is supposed to be pressing the layer by an applied concentrated load. The layer is resting on a rigid base and is assumed to be sufficiently thick in comparison with the amount of indentation by the rigid punch. The graded layer is modeled as a non-homogeneous medium. The relationship between the applied load P and the contact area is obtained by solving the mathematically formulated problem through using the Hankel transform of different order. Numerical results have been presented to assess the effects of functional grading of the medium and the applied load on the stress distribution in the layer as well as on the relationship between the applied load and the area of contact. more

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15 Oct 2018-
Abstract: In this paper, the receding contact problem of functionally graded (FG) layer resting on a Winkler foundation is considered. It is assumed that the shear modulus of the layer change functionally along the depth whereas Poisson ratio remains constant. Arbitrary concentrated loads by means of arbitrary rigid punches are applied to the top of the layer. The problem is considered as a plain strain problem. A general formulation is obtained using elasticity theory and Fourier integral transform. Obtained formulation is valid for both symmetric and asymmetric systems. A parametric study is carried out to investigate the effect of material properties and loading on contact distances and contact pressures. It is found that, increasing rigidity of the bottom of the FG layer compared to the top of the FG layer, the contact distances between the circular punch and FG layer contact surface decreases whereas maximum contact pressure increases. In addition, placement of the rigid punches has an effect on the contact distances and contact pressures. more

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  • ...[21] studied the stationary plane contact of a functionally graded heat conducting punch and a rigid insulated half-space....


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01 Jan 1943-
Abstract: 0 Introduction 1 Elementary Functions 2 Indefinite Integrals of Elementary Functions 3 Definite Integrals of Elementary Functions 4.Combinations involving trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and power 5 Indefinite Integrals of Special Functions 6 Definite Integrals of Special Functions 7.Associated Legendre Functions 8 Special Functions 9 Hypergeometric Functions 10 Vector Field Theory 11 Algebraic Inequalities 12 Integral Inequalities 13 Matrices and related results 14 Determinants 15 Norms 16 Ordinary differential equations 17 Fourier, Laplace, and Mellin Transforms 18 The z-transform more

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01 Jan 1981-

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Abstract: In this paper a pair of Gauss-Chebyshev integration formulas for singular integrals are developed. Using these formulas a simple numerical method for solving a system of singular integral equations is described. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the method, a numerical example is given. In order to have a basis of comparison, the example problem is solved also by using an alternate method. more

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