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Gruppo terapeutico, abbandono ed espulsione

01 Jul 2006-Narrare i Gruppi-Vol. 1, Iss: 2

AbstractLa partecipazione ad un gruppo terapeutico, dal punto di vista umano, rappresenta un’esperienza molto forte e spesso efficace ai fini della cura. more

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01 Jan 1970
Abstract: This book first appeared in 1970 and has gone into two further editions, one in 1975 and this one in 1985. Yalom is also the author of Existential Psychotherapy (1980), In-patient Group Psychotherapy (1983), the co-author with Lieberman of Encounter Groups: First Facts (1973) and with Elkin of Every Day Gets a Little Closer: A Twice-Told Therapy (1974) (which recounts the course of therapy from the patient's and the therapist's viewpoint). The present book is the central work of the set and seems to me the most substantial. It is also one of the most readable of his works because of its straightforward style and the liberal use of clinical examples.

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